Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Green Arrow site wiping the floor with Searchlight

The truth is rising in the charts

Yesterday, this sites Alexa Rating, as shown in the above graph, finally broke through the one million barrier as a sign of its continued increase in readership as a result of people wishing to know the truth.

Alexa rating, so you understand, is that the lower the rating the more successful the site, with 1 being the top spot. Google, with no surprise, is No 1.

The British National Party's current place in the world wide chart is a staggering 47,000 and still climbing, so the Green Arrow and Friends have a long long way to go yet.

But our sites average one month rating of 900,031 is still rather impressive, considering it a private support site for a political party and we are pleased.

With lies exposed, down they go

Now compare it to the state funded Searchlight site, who with all its money, support from trade unions and other associated traitors and that has been established for years is performing.

For a site that is sponsored by the Lib/Lab/con alliance it is currently ranked at 1,892, 046 which is pathetic for such a well funded site. Give me their kind of resources and I would give Google a run for their money.

So now you understand why Searchlight keep having a pop at the Green Arrow in their hard copy rag. Why they attempt to incite one of their dupes to burn me alive. Why they send their poisonous emails. Why they use all the dirty tricks in the communist handbook to silence me. It is the fact that the information contained in the articles listed below reveals just how crooked and corrupt they are.
And when their dwindling readership visits this site and follows those links they realise just how they have been conned by the state agent Gerry Gable and turn away from the communists who would drag us into slavery under Eurabia and the New World Order.

And having no response to the truth in those articles the communists then resort to what communists always do. They turn violent. They target the owners of sites such as the Green Arrow and the superb, patriotic Red Squirrel and try to intimate us into silence. Red, by the way, if you read this, I thought you looked beautiful.

I will not bother about putting up the Alexa figures for the UAF sites, some of them are not even rated in the low millions mark. They are about ten million, which means that just the blog author is actually reading their rubbish.

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