Friday, 10 April 2009

Hain's Cronies Turn Their Guns On Our Anti-Terrorist Police and Boris Johnson

by johnofgwent

It must be a slow news day for the hard left and their right-of-Ghenghis-Khan allies in New Liebour alike.

Last night I found my MP had taken up a job as Parliamentary Private Secretary to none other than Peter "where's the receipts for the £103,000" Hain. I suppose someone had to help the poor man find - and then presumably destroy - the evidence that will put him in an orange suit before it pops up on eBay with a reserve price to rival an MP's expense claim.

So I thought I'd pop over to the site of the man and see how he's getting on. And the first thing I see is Hain has chosen to publicly associate himself with the latest half hearted (half baked more like) attempt to chivvy up support for Labour in Cyberspace Aneurin Glyndwr

This is the joke blog about which it is an indisputable fact that their alexa rating is better than Gerry Gable's Searchlight (mind you, Trabant Lovers Weekly was doing better than Searchlight last time I looked).

So what is this eclectic blog, named so as to suggest a mixture of harking back to a time when there was amongst us a welshman wily enough to organise a guerilla war against the english establishment and not get hung drawn and quartered for it, and an adherence to the real world beliefs that what you cannot forcibly bring about by parliamentary legislation, you must bring about by "stuffing the mouths of your opponents with gold".

Well, I see that the site has become the butt of professional political blogging by accredited journalists. Betsan Powys's Welsh Politics blog has been buoyed up over the way the site put out an amateur night video of vampires and clowns. And then used Rhodri's quotes about the site to misleadingly make it appear he approved of their video. Not A Good Start, guys. Rule One is that you can select your opponents words and turn them against themselves (as I did when pruning Nick Lowles' letter in Searchlight Mag to show you how when you remove his bluster he's taking imodium daily to prevent an explosive catastrophe over our success) but youreally can't take a set of words about one thing and misleadingly label them as applying to another.

But today I see the site's true colours. Here it decided to use the resignation of Metropolitan Police Anti Terror Squad Boss Bob Quick over his failure to put documents in a sealed bag, as a way to take a quick swing at Boris Johnson's legs with a baton. Accusing him of the hiring and firing they say this ....
INTERESTING that Tory London Mayor Boris Johnson announced to the world on the Today programme that Bob Quick, Britain's top Counter Terrorism Officer had 'resigned' over displaying secret notes as he got out of his car in Downing Street. Said Tory Mayor also 'resigned' the Commissioner of Police Ian Blair several months ago. This is the second time Toff Dave and his cronies have decided who polices the country. A new constitutional convention obviously. Are the Tories now running the Metropolitan Police?
Of course they know damn well that Boris has nothing to do with this, and after all, Peter's best hope for re-election Gerrry Gable says himself "he's proud of his input at the highest levels of the Met". So Boris is kept well away from the high table and the ear of the commissioner.

Of course "Aneurin Glyndwr" has a monster of a problem on its hands in villifing Bob Quick because for all his alleged faults and moments of madness, the man showed exactly how a public servant should behave in cases situations like this.

Quick's departure was as rapid as it was undebated.

Not for him the lure of the TV lights, the make-up trailers and the impromptu press conferences to rubbish his former bosses, fellow officers and men who followed him (if only out of curiosity as to how far in the shit he would fall).

If only one could say the same of the ethnic scum that used to wear the uniform such as the wholly unpleasant Mister Tarique Ghafoor

But to show how amateurish their character assasination is, let me introduce you to a site Machiavelli and his protegee Mandelson would be proud of. Take a read of The Daily Mail's take on "Get Rick Quick"s departure with a whopping pension (although to be fair only a seventh as whopping as Fred The Shred got, and less than Brown will take when he finally pisses off into obscurity sometime between now and this time next year)

Anti-terror chief Bob Quick quit yesterday with a pension pot worth millions - despite admitting he came close to endangering an operation to smash a suspected Al Qaeda terrorist unit.

Mr Quick, who inadvertently revealed confidential details of the terror swoop while exiting his car for a Downing Street meeting, fell on his sword shortly after 8am after he lost the confidence of the Home Secretary. The officer - who has had to make three public apologies in four months - made the devastating admission 'that my action could have compromised a major counter-terrorism operation'.

But it soon emerged that, with the pension package Mr Quick thrashed out on Wednesday evening, he would be resigning into the lap of luxury. Aged 49, he leaves the Met - and the entire police service - with a guaranteed pension of more than £110,000 a year, or a £520,000 lump sum and about £85,000 a year in return for his 30 years of service.

He is also likely to pick up lucrative consultancy work and his income will be bolstered by his family's wedding car hire business run by his wife Judith.

Now Peter I suggest you call your webmaster pal and have him take a look at these words. Note how lovingly they have been crafted. There is an art to weaving the shroud that will carry the corpse of a man's career to its last resting place. The Daily Mail writers are clearly masters of that art. There are some who say I'n not so bad at it myself. But your pals are rank amateurs. Sheesh Even The Green Arrow can do a better job of making videos armed only with a webcam and a dodgy hat last worn by Arnie The Terminator in Red Heat

Oh yeah GA. You asked for feedback on that vid. Well, how can I put this. and remain a GA Site Author ... I know, lets put it this way. In the puppet series Thunderbirds as opposed to that AWFUL remake by Johathan Frakes, every time "The Hood" contacted Jeff Tracy to gloat about how he was going to get the plans for the Thunderbird Machines, his video call to Tracy Island came up not with his pic, but wioth a caption "Sound Only Selected". Yiou could learn from his example. Stick to the blogging and let the BNPTV Wales Boys do the job they're good at.