Friday, 10 April 2009

Searchlight, Blue State Digital and the BNP

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Gerry Gable
, owner of the state funded Searchlight business empire, obviously worried by the sounds of the baying hounds of the British National Party, has gone to ground and left his wife Sonia to fight his battles, in an article just published over on Squirmshite, as I prefer to call them.

But first, what do we know about Sonia Gable;
Mrs. Gable is a former member of the National Party, National Front and League of Saint George (indeed at one stage she had a close relationship with 'Strasserite' Steve Brady of all three of these organisations, and other "nazi" activists - surely taking "infiltration" a bit far?).

As well as being the secretary of SET she is also sales/circulation manager of Searchlight magazine. So, she was either a White racialist - in which case is hardly suited to be involved in an "anti racist" Charity such as SET - or a political infiltrator. Being (part) Jewish, one would think she had to be an infiltrator.

Not so. Members of the League of St. George knew Miss Hochfelder was a Jewess (she wrote letters in the Feb and June 1978 editions of League Review defending Israel and Jews and condemning anti-Semitism and a Mr. C. Horner of Peterborough wrote a letter in the August 1978 edition attacking her for this).

This lends credence to the view expressed by many that Sonia Hochfelder was a "Court Jew" in 'Nationalist' circles. The National Front also had Jewish members and Jewish membership of the BNP caused concern in C18 circles circa. 1993 and reportedly in his recent court case, BNP 'No. 2' Nick Griffin admitted that the BNP has Jewish members - so this is not a new phenomenon.

Should such a known "racist" (or a political operative - an infiltrator is hardly a part-time functionary holding tea parties) be the secretary of a registered Charity which flirts with the political process; especially when one looks at the political and criminal 'background' of her husband (and others) connected with Searchlight magazine and SET?
Now I could let you have some other information about Sonia but what people do when they are single and in private is their own business but there are those who would say that group sex is hardly private.

Rejected by the old guard nationalists, pasty faced Sonia fled to the arms of Gerry and determined to get revenge on those who spurned her, has devoted her life to attacking her former "Gods". Like they say, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned".

Clearly deranged and slightly retarded as a result of her brain being deprived of oxygen at birth(her mother probably took one look at her and tried to throttle her new born child) understandably then, makes many mistakes and is easily caught out in lies.

Let us rip her to bits shall we.

In the article that is aimed at the Searchlights small number of readers, she seeks to reassure them and refute (impossible) claims that their pathetic Dopes Don't Rate campaign is not run by the charity Searchlight Educational Trust but by Searchlights other false flag, Searchlight Information Services. All part of the same stable.
The HOPE not hate campaign is not run by Searchlight Educational Trust but by Searchlight Information Services, which is not a charity.......

Searchlight Educational Trust is a separate organisation that carries out educational work against racism and in support of community cohesion.
Now Sonia should remember that we patriots have an archive bigger than the expense claims of the Lib/Lab/con politicians combined. The following is from the Trade Unions Friends of Seachlight pamphlet that I have stowed away.
What is Searchlight Educational Trust?
Searchlight Educational Trust (SET) is the educational wing of Searchlight, the international anti-fascist organisation that was founded in the early 1960s. SET was founded in 1992 with the aim of educating the wider community about the dangers of racism and fascism.
Now then Sonia, make your mind up. How can SET be a "separate" organisation when you have already stated that it is a "wing of Searchlight".

Damn I wish I had some warm beer. This is thirsty work, coffee is coming out of my ears and this article is going to be much larger than I first envisaged.

She then goes on to praise the success(I burst out laughing at this bit) of their on-line campaign being run by the American Cowboys, Blue State Digital who "succesfully" ran Red Ken Livingstones campaign to get him re-elected.

Now take a peak at the image heading this article, it is a screen dump of Searchlight Contents for the April issue of their hard copy rag. Another blazing success for Blue Steal Digital.

So what are Blue State Digital doing for Searchlight if they are not keeping their online presence up to date.

Well I can tell you now. They are collecting information for the state and they are helping line the pockets of Gable and Co (Family business).

Now you know I do not like linking to the red sites but many of them are speaking out about Searchlights involvement with the security services and will have nothing to do with them. This information is taken from one of those sites.
What is the main benefit that BSD appear to have brought to Searchlight? It's certainly not effectiveness in the struggle against the BNP, because the Nazis are simply copying everything they do and letting BSD's superior Stateside persuasion technology loose through their own - unfortunately many times larger - Internet presence. Giving a masterclass in online fund-raising and network building to a fascist web machine that is more popular than those of Labour, Tories and the Liberal Democrats combined has to be the stupidest way to try to 'stop the Nazis' ever.

But, of course, that's not what Gable is really interested in. He doesn't want to stop them - because a thriving fascist movement is his fat meal ticket. Worse than that, BSD's main contribution to Hope Not Hate is the technology to harvest the email addresses of anti-fascists!!! (take a look at the Hope Not Hate website, all the appeals are directed toward obtaining viewers emails addresses).

Gable and Lowles have been quite blatant about this, boasting that they have software in place that tracks their begging-letter emails as they are sent from one well-meaning anti-fascist to another. So the State gets the full picture and details of the entire anti-fascist movement and all its inter-connected socialist and radical links, while Gable and Co. in return line their pockets at the expense of the Cause!!!
Well I thought I would put this to the test and off I went to the Searchlights false flag site; Dopes Don't Rate and see if the above was true and that the Searchlight sites are just geared to gathering information for the state.

Did you check the postcode. Go on, I bet you did

The first thing I came across was the petition shown above.

And what a strange petition it is. After you have filled in your details (Do not do this at home. The Green Arrow has been specially trained to do this kind of work) with your name, email address and postcode, you are thanked and then taken to another form where you are asked to submit another 10 email addresses of friends and family.

And yet at the end they do not show the names of those who have signed and neither do they say how many people(dupes) have been conned into giving their details to the government. Like I said a rather strange petition. But the above leads nicely to the next piece of this long article.

Referring to an email that Searchlight supporters have received she says;
We would also assure readers, in case anybody doubted it, that we keep the email addressees and other personal details of our supporters absolutely secure.
And that made the cold coffee I was drinking go all over the screen and sticky my keyboard. She has already revealed that Searchlights email list is in the public domain. She knows it and so do those who broused it before it was removed from Wilkileaks who are supporters of Searchlight and the UAF. Of course nationalists have their email list. They have a lot more also that they will use when the time is right.

Thankfully for the dupes of Searchlight who have already filled in one of their forms, a BNP government will not persecute a person because of their names being on a list.

And yes, the unknown communist from the anti-freedom site was correct. There are requests on almost every page requesting people to provide their personal details. I will write more about these in a separate article some time in the next few days but we have to move on.

Finally the bit of the oxygen deprived cretins that really made me realise how far down the road of self dilusion she has travelled.
Our campaign is, even at this early stage, so successful that political scientists from the London School of Economics and Trinity College Dublin recently predicted that the BNP is unlikely to win a seat in the European Parliament in June.
What a stupid, stupid woman. Did no one check her article? Where were Blue Steal Digital? I will use that clip to beat her over the head with untill she is safely locked up in an asylum that caters for the special needs of ex-nationalist groupies.

OK let's put this baby to bed and move on.