Thursday, 9 April 2009

Jack Straw looks to Liars Buggers And Thieves DOING PORRIDGE for their electoral salvation

"Oi !! Warder !!
Jack Straw says you have to uncuff me
so I can vote for that nice one eyed scottish bloke."

by johnofgwent

Hat Tips to "Red Squirrel" (Swindon Nationalist) and "Tarn Lass" (Barnsley Nationalists) and a big, big thank you for a "heads up" to one hell of a story on the Telegraph Online Pages.

It seems that our spineless government, and in particular the current excuse of a former Foreign Secretary now demoted to the rank of "Half a Home Secretary" with his current title of Minister Of Justice, has decided that Gerry Gable is right, the BNP are truly unstoppable, and that extraordinary measures are now needed to stop the electorate from giving us our rightful place at the table, in place of the current shower of crooks, liars, buggers and thieves that misrule the country whilst filling their boots.

And the extraordinary solution The Straw Man has come ouup with ? He's goingto roll over and take it up the arse from Europe, and all for the cause and the salvation of his boss.

In 1870 our government passed The Forfeiture Act which, amongst other things, declared that a criminal found guilty of an offence so severe it warranted imprisonment was to be denied many things, including the right to participate in the democratic process by voting. Those who suggest this was an unfair measure should perhaps be forced to explain why someone who shows utter contempt for the law by breaking it should have any say in how it is administered.

But if there was ever a way of showing that the lunatics have truly taken over the asylum, well, Jack The Straw Man has found it. It seems that five years ago our European Masters declared they were not best pleased with our custom and practice of denying the vote to convicted criminals and demanded they be given back the right to participate in the election process.
The Prison Reform Trust has made a formal complaint to the Council of Europe over the Government's "failure to comply" accusing it of deliberate delaying tactics.

And the killer at the centre of the original challenge is now planning more legal action to force the Government to act.

John Hirst, who killed his landlady with an axe, is preparing a judicial review over the failure to implement the ruling.

A person of backbone would have told these Euro-Judges to take their ruling and shove it.

But not our government.

Oh No.

For five long years they have mulled on how best to deal with this, and now it seems the chickens are coming home to roost.

What's the betting that Jack "Man Of" Straw will cave in to these demands and then cheerfully go round canvassing the fraudster, the murderer, the nonce, the rapist and the thief in the name of increasing the vote and hopefully stopping the BNP.

I tell you this, if it comes to a choice between losing the seat and leafletting prisons I'm tearing up my party card and throwing in the towel. Because SOME victories come at too high a price

And that, ladies and gents, is where I was going to leave this post. A fitting end to my sideways glance at Holy Week in the land of New Liebour, finishing off with a story that even Pontius Pilate, with his particular way of manipulating the judicial system on Good friday to keep the "vox pop" sweet, even he would have a hard time swallowing.

But then I read the rest of the telegraph article and the red mist descended. For the article goes on ...

On his blog, Mr Hirst said: "Killing my landlady was an abuse of power. "By the same token, the state is abusing power in relation to the Prisoners Votes Case and refusing to rectify the situation".

Excuse Me.

I'll just read that again "On His Blog Mr Hirst Said ..."


ON HIS BLOG.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!


There are many people, Mister Axe Murdering Bastard Hirst, a great many people who would cheerfully see you swing for what you did, rather than sit enjoying your cushy life in front of your cushy fully paid for internet connection with right to blog included.

If EVER there was a reason to being back the death penalty and impose it retrospectively then this piece of shit is that reason made flesh.