Thursday, 9 April 2009

Let's Ask Jessica

by johnofgwent

In the wake of the news that broke yesterday afternoon that the IPCC have "upgraded" their investigation into the demise of a certain pedestrian in London the other day, shortly after a confrontation with a least one riot-gear-clad policeman, I thought I woould ask my MP what she thought of the whole business.

Jessica Morden was parachuted into Newport East by Tony Blair's diktat that the constituency labour party accept his all woman shortlist to increase the number of women MP's. I doubt she will be reselected though as she's far too white for the new labour equalisers and their campaign to "give enrichers a chance". However, just like her predecessor Alan Howarth, who got the seat as a reward for stabbing John Major in the back and crossing the floor of the house to join New Liebour, Jessica has been loyal to her party leadership without exception, showing she has never rebelled on any of the major issues put to a vote, and she has been entirely Blairite in her support for the Police State we now live in. A stance which has been rewarded by her being appointed to serve as PPS to none other than Peter Hain !

I felt Jessica ought to be given the chance to let me know her views on the Police State she has brought about. Here's the letter I just sent to her via

Thursday 9 April 2009

Dear Jessica Morden,

Good Morning

I noted with increasing interest the way "the authorities" changed their tune yesterday as video evidence apparently pertinent to the demise of a certain pedestrian in London earlier this week was made available to the public gaze.

I noted in particular the way the IPCC suddenly decided that it was no longer in someone's best interests (but as yet I remain unconvinced whose) that their investigation into this incident be left in the hands of another police force as it had been until about 4pm yesterday.

I noted also that the video footage acquired by the guardian was taken by an AMERICAN citizen.

Given that YOU voted in favour of making the taking of photographs of the police an illegal act, can I ask how you feel about the police failure to slam this yank in the cooler for 42 days without trial or legal representation under the legislation you happily voted for before he could present his evidence to the world ?

Yours sincerely,

John of Gwent
Footnote: I wonder whether Jessica is in the pay or influence of Gerry Gable and friends ? I guess I'll soon find out. She has the version of this letter with my full name and address. Now my personal party membership started AFTER the list was leaked so right now Gerry and his pals don't know where I live.

But they could always ask Jessica ....

The infrared cctv is running capturing movement all round the house perimeter, I'll let you know if it picks up anything over the weekend.