Thursday, 9 April 2009

What the president didn't say

By Sarah: Maid of Albion

US President Barack Obama has returned to America, leaving behind him a love struck continent enthralled by his Rock Star status and ability to say things people want to hear. However, is that down to what he says or the manner in which what he says is reported, and, more importantly, what he doesn't say.

His support for Turkey's proposed entry to the EU for instance might seem less Euro-friendly, if the entranced masses were reminded this would mean granting seventy one million Muslims full access to Europe? That is more than the total populations of Greece, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Ireland and Kosovo (many of whom already have sizable Muslim minorities) combined. In terms of numbers, there are ten million more Turks than the entire population of over-crowded Britain, and almost twice as many as there are Polish people on this planet.

Is anyone brave enough to bet that they won't all want to move to Britain if they are allowed to join?.

This is at a time when human rights abuses continue to be a major factor of Turkish life, and the country faces the growing threat of Militant Islam. Why thanks Mister President we really appreciate your support.


The above is an extract from a longer article focusing on what Obama does not say, which was posted to Sarah's Albion blog yesterday.

(PS: I do know that Kosovo is not YET in the EU, but it will be and it is largely Muslim)