Thursday, 9 April 2009

UKIP Membership details in hands of Searchlight

Always start with the corners

Thank God for Firefox Tabs and Scribefire. My screen is jammed with links to information and one day I am going to get a huge 2nd monitor to manage things better.

Currently though, the required links for this article look like a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle that has just been tipped onto a large coffee table. Now where do you start?

With the corners I suppose. And as in all square jigsaw puzzles, we have four corners. In this one, they are UKIP, the British National Party, a man named Mark Croucher and finally Searchlight.

Right, let's find a corner. Good here's one. Searchlight. Let's have a look at it and see what we can connect it to.

Well Searchlight is the family run business of the convicted criminal and communist Gerry Gable who has admitted to working with the governments security forces. As a reward for his services, his little empire that feeds him so well is fed with money channeled to him through the children's charity PGMT.

The sole reason for its existence (other than to make money for Gerry) is to assist the rotating dictatorships of the Lib/Lab/con alliance in trying to smear the British National Party. And you have already been given examples of how they do this.

Right now for the next corner. Here we go. Aahh. UKIP.

In the last European Elections, UKIP managed to gain a respectable 16.8% of the national vote. This retuned them 12 MEPs, knocking the non entity Liberal Democrats into 4th place.

Quick digression. In a previous article, I wrote that I had calculated the average national percentage of votes gained by the BNP in by-elections as being 14% plus. Greater if one excluded Scotland.

This might give you some idea of why The Establishments attacks on the BNP are now increasing daily. They are running out of underpants, as each new day brings news to them of the continued success and growth of the BNP.

Back to the puzzle and back to the 12 UKIP MEPs, now gorging themselves in Brussels. They have convienently forgotten why they were elected and now see themselves not so much as Euro sceptics but rather as Euro Reformers. They have tasted the good life on the European Gravy Train and wish to stay on for as long as possible.

And this fact was highlighted in the starkest detail when over half of their MEPs including their leader, the suicidal Nigel Farage failed to sign a Written Declartion (the European Parliament's equivalent of an "Early Day Motion" in the House of Commons) calling on the European Parliament(spit) to hold all its sittings in Brussels.

But no. The majority of UKIP MEPs, along with almost all the other British MEPs could not be be bothered to sign. They like the bars and nightlife in France.

And so the hugely expensive, monthly transfer of the European Parliament (whose accounts for n years has still not been signed off because of corruption) to Strasbourg in France, continues at tremendous cost to us the taxpayers.

I was going to mention the brawling in the bars of Brussels by the UKIP MEPs but that can wait. We have to get on with the puzzle.

And now we have Mark Croucher. And I can already see from my privledged postion of glancing at the tabs on my browser which corner this is and how he links to the others.

Croucher was the former Director of Communications for UKIP and was, I say was, highly respected within the party for his his part in managing the UKIP media strategy during the 2004 European Elections.

Damn. I wish I had a can of beer. I like a warm beer in the mornings whilst writing. Sometimes I go nuts and drink two cans in a day. Coffee break and time to skin up a smoke. We should go for the smokers and drinkers vote.

So what has Mark been up to? Well it seems that Mark provided the personal details of UKIP members to Searchlight to see if any of them had connections with the British National Party. All coming together now. As Big X says, "join the dots".

It has also been reported that Searchlight charged for this service, although I have as yet do not know if this is true. But it would not surprise me, as Gerry does nothing for nothing. And of course Gerry, who incidentally has no time for UKIP from a party that he sees as an obstruction to the creation of his masters plans for a New World Order.

Now originally, Croucher denied that he had provided this information to Searchlight and contacted the British National Party who broke the story. This prompted the following from the BNP.
During the 4 minute conversation Mr. Croucher CONFIRMED that UKIP works with Searchlight to "keep your lot out" but we are happy to state that it is not and never has been our intention to suggest that that it is Mr. Croucher himself who passes on confidential membership details to an unauthorised third party. The identity of the individual(s) within UKIP who undertake this potentially criminal act is not something we are prepared to publicly disclose.
Now I do not know the law but if he did provide the information on fellow Party members to a communist organisation that is a front for The Establishment then were I member, I would be most concerned about this betrayal of trust.

So did he or did he not give Searchlight the information and did he make a payment to them? Well the story is not going away because Mark Croucher posted the following over on the Democracy Forum where he is a regular contributor.
Originally Posted by Mark Croucher

UAF and Searchlight are largely staffed by decent, respectable people. They are concerned, as am I and, I believe, most of the membership of UKIP, that people do not suffer discrimination because of their racial origins. Anything UKIP can do to remove the blight of racism from Britain is worth doing, and I continue to pass information to them, and accept information from them on this issue.
Decent respectable people? Tell that to Tony Ward who was a victim of The Claw Hammer gang from the UAF who had been been told where the BNP activist would be by Searchlight.

And now we only have to add the last corner, the British National Party and our jigsaw puzzle is complete and standing back we shall be able to see the full picture.

But first another coffee and another hand rolled cigarette.

The British National Party, the only honest piece in this puzzle. The one Party who says what it means and means what is says. The Party that is determined to pull the remains of Our sad Country out of the money swallowing swamp of Eurabia and rebuild Our Country.

The Party whose new MEPs will not be diverted by the bars of Brussels and who will not be seduced by the rich gravy offered them, to ensure they become silent and do not investigate the corruption of its unelected elitist rulers.

BNP MEPs, whose sole purpose will be to work to make themselves redundant and not try desperately, to cling to power by becoming European Reformers.

And now we can stand back and look at our work. No pieces missing, all fitting in the right place. The picture is complete.

An alliance of greedy and corrupt organisations and individuals seeking to remove the one piece that stands in their way. The British National Party.

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing
because he could only do a little.