Sunday, 5 April 2009

Thank you from BNPTV Wales

Good Morning BNP supporters and members. Sunday, 0430 and the day bodes well for the patriots of the British Resistance.

We will let the article flow and see which sea we finish up in.

First, I suppose is the above: Thank You All video from Roger Phillips. Roger and his cameraman, both from Wales BNP are going to be very busy soon, thanks to all the kind donors who helped them raise the funds to buy the new camera they desperately needed to become an extremely painful thorn in the sides of our Establishment enemies, who have betrayed Our Great Country.

The new camera, with night filming capabilities will soon be with them and having heard some of their plans, then we are in for a treat and both local and national politicians are into "look over your shoulder" time.

However, whilst the appeal has been an amazing success and the primary objectives have been achieved, the behind the scenes equipment is still required as will logistical support and so the appeal will be ongoing.

However my part in this campaign is over and any donations received via Paypal after midnight today, will be used to ensure that the Green Arrow sites(there are more than you know) and those under development can keep going. Costs have increased by £25 per month and I thank those of you who have kept the Green Machine on the road.

The good news is that all this work keeps me from making a fool of myself in local pubs, where I tend to act as if I am still a young sailor hitting the Wan Chai for the first time. Happy days, even my time spend on Stonecutters Island, the home for naughty baby sailors who think they can drink the world under the table which sometimes I did.

In the Far East, in Hong Kong harbour was a similar version of this place, Stonecutters Island, a bit like Alcatraz, but with snakes( Banded kraits, brown cobra and bamboo snakes).
So for those of you with some little extra to spare, you still have time to help Our Boys and make an on-line donation by clicking this link here or the Donate Button on the right of this site. If you prefer, you can donate with cheques and postal orders using the details here.

Officers of the BNP have been sent verifiable details of all funds received by the Green Arrow.

Now a step back into time and a look into the future.

Yesterday, this site published the fourth part in the series Resistance: The British Counter Jihad by one of our excellent researchers and writers, Reconquista.

Today in the artice preceeding this post, we published Open-door Muslim Immigration by the equally talentedd writer Mister Fox.

Articles of this quality are just too good for this site and deserve a much wider audience, that is denied to them because other "heavy duty" sites will not link to them because of where they are currently hosted. So I intend to do something about this over the coming week. More about this subject when the job is done but it does mean I am still not be able to give our other sites, forum and members the attention they deserve. So thank you to the key people who keep feeding the forum and encouraging the new readers and members there.

Finally (collective sigh of relief from readers), activists. Activists and the difference between the British National Party activists and those that try to keep us from dragging the pigs at the public troughs in London and Brussels away from the only thing they crave, money.

BNP activists, I have found, regardless of profession, trade, occupation or employment status are the most informed and politically aware of any political party in existence. If they are questioned on the streets or in their homes by friends they are able to give not just the BNP policy on the subject enquired on but also the polices of the traitor parties that seek to enslave us.

But if you question one of the Lib/Lab/con/Plied alliances dwindling army of activists on their policies, you will usually find they just do not know. And when you tell them the truth they react in one of two ways, horror at what their party really stands for or complete refusal to accept the truth. They are not even willing to investigate for themselves. The latter are not political activists, they are Zombies of The State. Brain dead creatures. The former simply dupes, used by the Pigs Of Parliament and their Local Authorities(the BNP will turn them back into Councils).

Then you have the real dregs of Our Sad Country, the members and supporters of Searchlight and the UAF, who are either paid agents of the state, funded by the state, trade unionists bent on the creation of a one world wet dream or ignorant dupes who see themselves as some kind of heroic revolutionary in the mould of the murdering piece of shite named Ernesto Guevara.

And their response to the truth was summed up nicely in a comment I received yesterday to one of the articles published on this site about the criminality of Searchlight and its money laundering funding from a children's charity. The comment received was just "F**k Off".

All the moron, who made the comment had to do, was do some simple research and it to, could have discovered the truth but to do so would result in the creature awakening from its wet dream and realising he was just a plain simple dupe or fantasist.

Right then that is it. 06:56. The sun is up so it must be time for breakfast. Now where did I leave that bottle opener.

Good Morning BNP, hope you are well?