Sunday, 5 April 2009

Easter Parade Bonnet Ban

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(Silenced by the muslim minority, I presume)

I don't normally run articles on items I find through the Official BNP Web Site.

I don't do it for two reasons. The first is that lots of other people already do and furthermore they are very good at doing it. They play a vital part in fighting our corner and I would not wish to steal their thunder, their way of doing things and their valued contribution to making sure the message is seen by as many people as possible. A second reason is that we know a large number of our readers also read and commenton the official site. We know you go there because the "feedjit" IP traffic monitor widget tells us you have, and we know you read the Official site and and provide valuable feedback there because you do so using the same "IntenseDebate" profiles - or not, as you prefer. And I have no doubt many of you receive updates by email from the Official BNP site just as I do.

But today, I break with tradition. I have just visited the Official BNP site and found the story of Meersbrook Bank Primary Schoool. The link I just created does not go to the BNP site, but to the Google News Report of the story broken by the Press Association.

A primary school which became embroiled in a public row over plans to scrap separate assemblies for Muslim pupils has denied suggestions that it was abandoning Easter. Meersbrook Bank Primary School in Sheffield defended its decision not to hold its Easter bonnet parade this year and said a range of different Easter-themed activities had taken place all week.
I won't quote any more of that because the PA get pi55ed off with us for quoting their news stories at length. If you want the rest, go click the link and read it for yourself. But the interesting take I found on this story came courtesy of a Sunday Express article you can read online here

A SCHOOL where Islamic extremists forced a head teacher to quit has provoked fresh outrage by banning a traditional Easter bonnet parade. Every year children have thrilled in taking part in the event on the last day of term while parents were always invited to watch them displaying the bonnets they had made. The ban comes just weeks after a tiny group of Muslim parents branded former head Julia Robinson racist over her attempts to make all pupils attend one multi-faith assembly.

Just 35 of the 240 children at Meersbrook Bank Primary school in Sheffield are Muslim.

Thirty Five out of Two Hundred and Forty. EIGHTY FIVE PER CENT of the school's children are forcedf to cow-tow to this wicked vicious faith.

But despite the fact that the spawn of the followers of the cult of the dead paedophile are resoundingly in the minority, that fact does not stop THIS man from arrogantly demanding the majority have no business being in the school at all.

"Ifitkhar" says in a comment on this Sunday Express story that "The demand for state funded Muslim school is in accordance with the law of the land. There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school. Let native teachers educate their children their values and let the Muslim teachers teach their values to their children".

Well Ifitkhar I thought the cult of your prophet was in its own words responsible for bringing mathematics to the civilised world. Looks like you brought a bloody wierd variant of it if you think fifteen percent of the population can demand unquestioning obediance from the other eighty five percent. But of course that's what your prophet tells you, doesn't he. That you are always right no matter how ridiculous the cause. WellI have nws for you, pal. Your little game is up and you have been well rumbled.

Incidentally this chap's comment signature points to The London School Of Islamics a charitable trust which for some strange reason counts amongst its aims "To find divorcees, widowers and disabled persons partners for marriage". Yeah, Right. And if you follow the teachings of your prophet, you should find all you need in the primary classes ofyour faith schools.