Sunday, 5 April 2009

Moslem Prayers Unheeded Because as 200 or so Mecca Mosques "Are Not Properly Aligned"

by johnofgwent

April Fool's day has come and gone, right ? OK then it must be a slow news day. Actually it ISNT a slow news day North Korea has taken a step closer to being able to nuke Washington but because the Beeb are at a loss to know what to say. about that they ran with a story about grieving moslems. Par for the course in a country not allowed to celebrate Easter like this one, I suppose.

So here's the story that grabbed the headline slot on the last BBC Radio 4 News Bulletin. That isn't a pointer to their site I can't find mention of this there, that link goes to an American site, ABS CBN News.

It seems, horror of horror, that tens of thousands, maybe even millions of the followers of the cult of the dead paedophile have recently been told that their prayers for decades, even longer, have gone unheeded by the most holy one .

It seems that at least 200 mosques have not been constructed in accordance with "official instructions" ensuring the worshipper is pointing directly at the lump of meterorite rock that represents the ground station for upward heavenly transmission of the devout islamists's prayers.

Now for the Church Of England - for whose followers, as Pat Condell reminds us - religion is the sort of thing that one does with afternoon cucumber sandwiches and a cup of tea on the vicarage lawn as the village team do battle on the green with the best the neighbouring village can come up with. And if you think I take the pi55 here, I suggest you take some time to reflect during this Holy Week on the way the gospel of Jesus Christ has moved us on more than just a little from the Old Testamant accounts of a jealous god smiting down those who failed to say "How High" when he said "Jump".

But to the followers of the cult of mohammedanism this is disaster that will no doubt lead th the beheading of several corrupt officials and probably the public beheading of the great great great great great grandsons of the architects who built these places on the grounds that such sins must be atoned for and as the sinners responsible are long since gone to moslem hell, their living descendants must be found and made to prematurely join them.

Of course I don't know that will happen but I think it's a pretty good bet for a cult who get mortally offended by anything and everything and demand death sentences left right and centre as retribution.

But speaking for myself, well, I'm sorry but there is no room in my philosophy for a divine being who insists that he will not heed my prayers unless any farts that occur as a result of the process of worship are transmitted in diametrically the opposite direction to his holy shrine.

I would have dug up a picture to go with this story, but none spoke to me as being really appropriate. Anyone with any ideas please leave a comment with a link, I might just come back and edit this, insert your suggestion, ahd hat tip you for the idea.