Sunday, 5 April 2009

Why are all the Criminals White and all the Victims Black In These Home Office Crime Prenention Ads?

by johnofgwent

Hat Tip to "Whitey R8" on who may, or may not, wellcome me giving the subject of his post opening a new thread there a wider airing.

I saw this Home Office Advert for the first time last night. It shows a couple taking a third person on a tour of their home explaining the security flaws that make them an easy target for a burglary.

Don't Advertise to Burglars - Home Office

You may remember this one from a while back showing a bloke explaining to an onlooker how wonderful his brand spanking new mobile phone is.

Home Office Keep If Safe Keep It Hidden Mobile Phone

So, would someone care to grill the Home Office on their decision to show BLACK and ASIAN people as VICTIMS of crime and WHITE YOUTHS as the perpetrators of those crimes.

Would Jack Straw and What's Her Name Again You Know The Woman Who Claimed For The Porn Films care to comment on this vile practice ?

No, I thought they wouldn't.