Friday, 3 April 2009

UKIP - Do not go down with the ship

Just a brief article (thank God, I hear you whisper) as I have to be mobile. Good news is that the Camera as been ordered. A big thank you to the greatest members and supporters of the Greatest political party in the Country. The British National Party.

Now a message for the members and supporters of the Feather my own pocket Party, UKIP.

You have been used and betrayed by individual carpetbaggers who sold out to Europe, once they had taken their places at the European Trough of public money. They were not the kind of men to break their rice bowls for a cause. They were not there to destroy the enemy from within. They were there for personal gain or as agents of the state to create a "safety valve" for the British Public to vent off, without blowing up The crooked Establisment boilers plan to enslave us even further.

Now even Nigel Farage has admitted himself that the game is up:

"if we do badly, then I’ve tried my hardest, and that’s that. It will be time for someone else to do it” and then adds “I have tried to change the party, to modernize it, change the attitude and outlook."
It is time now for you to choose. Your Party or Your Country. That is a real no brainer. If you answer Your Party, you are a traitor to all True Brits and may you be shamed for ever.

In your hearts you must know now, that the British National Party is not going to go away. Its growth is now reaching the critical mass scale, where its support is growing so massively that it is about to tip the political balance for decades to come.

Because if you continue to vote and support UKIP, all you are doing is helping those who wish to create the marxist Eurabian nightmare as a precursor to the New World Order cling onto power by splitting the patriotic vote.

So UKIP. What is it to be? Your Party or Your Country?