Friday, 3 April 2009

Google Street View - HelpingCrims Do a Blaggin Since 2009 ....

Click for a larger image and the chance to sus out if this householder has protected his property with a burglar alarm

by johnofgwent

Hat tip to "papasmurf" on the ukdebate forum for the inspiration that led me to realise the full horror of what we the people of this country have allowed to happen while our eyes were shut.

The "UAF loving regulars"who hang around on couldn't wait to take the piss out of the policeman recently chucked out of his job courtesy of his politically correct new labour arse kissing masters using the stolen BNP membership list to start a witch-hunt of which McCarthy would have been both proud and horrified at the same time.

But after the usual "Bash The BNP" crap had died away - a slight diversion in the thread was started by one of the site's more normal debaters. And it led me to to this BBC News page:-

Angry residents of a Buckinghamshire village blocked the driver of a Google Street View car when he started taking photographs of their homes. Police were called to Broughton, near Milton Keynes, after residents staged the protest accusing Google of invading their privacy and "facilitating crime".

And they have a point which was not lost on me when I read what Google are doing. As soon as I read the article I hit the "Have Your Say" button and posted this.

What Google are doing may WELL be legal. However the fact remains that if *I* walked down the streets in question to "case these joints", to see which houses had alarms fitted, which had not, which had infrared CCTV and which had not, and how easy it was to make a getaway to a motorway after burgling the houses, etc, well the chances are that someone would remember a stranger acting strangely in the street.

But NOW I can do the job from the warmth of my own internet connection... or from any branch of macdonalds just by giving their free wifi access registration a false name and throwaway email address should I wish to do it without having my IP address logged. Did Google think of that, I wonder
I wonder if the BBC will allow my comment to see the light of day on their site. Probably not, given their love of the surveillance state and the way it makes it so much easier to collect the tax that pays their salaries.

So more to the point then, assuming Auntie Beeb will stomp on my take on the side effect of google's actions, I wonder if our BNPTV crews might like to get someone from Google in front of a camera to ask them whether they even bothered to stop and think - as I have just done - how useful this information will be tho those who walk our streets with malice aforethought.