Saturday, 4 April 2009

Resistance: The British Counter Jihad - Part 4

By Reconquista

4. A Man's World - Sharia Rules AA!


In my previous essay, I presented evidence to demonstrate how Muslims persecute, subjugate and abuse non-believers - kuffars - wherever Islam comes into contact with other religions. Jews around the world are persecuted by Muslims, Christians in Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and throughout Africa are subjugated and oppressed by Muslims, Hindus in India continue to be massacred by fanatical jihadists and amazingly, the Buddhists of Southern Thailand are also feeling the enriching benefits of co-existing alongside the "Religion of Peace".

The appalling persecutions of the Middle Eastern Christians and of the Thai Buddhists are rarely given extensive coverage in the western media, a media who deceptively promote Islam as a tolerant, peaceful religion to the British people. Contrast the coverage given to the Islamic jihad against the Buddhists in Southern Thailand that is ongoing and has claimed more than 3300 innocent lives with the coverage of the Islamic jihad against Israel.

But of course, Israel is a Nazi state conducting a holocaust against those "oppressed" people living in the western funded jizya-rich state - sorry, poverty stricken ghetto - of Gaza and who lost over 100 HAMAS jihadists - sorry again, innocent peace-loving Muslims - in the recent conflict. Holocaust indeed.

Yet in spite of the clear and damning evidence proving Islam is anything but peaceful towards non-believers, many Britons still believe it is possible to live in harmony with Muslims. Apologists continually offer lame excuses to defend Islam: A minority of extremists; misinterpreting the "peaceful message" of Islam; it's because of Western immorality and decadence; it's the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; it's the crusades; it's because of "Palestine"; it's because the Islamic prophet Mohammed was insulted - all of them bankrupt without a single grain of truth between them.

But I'm not going to debunk all of the lame excuses trotted out to defend Islam by deceitful Muslims and infidel apologists alike. I'll leave that for a future time.

Instead, I want to let Islam speak for itself by taking a good, hard look at Islamic countries, countries where Sharia law is enforced. In other words, we're now going to see how Muslims treat Muslims to see how peacefully they TREAT THEIR OWN PEOPLE.

Bear this firmly in mind as you read: What they are capable of doing to each other they will in turn do to you, your children and your children's children if Islam continues to be tolerated and promoted in Great Britain. Islamic hegemony comes with Sharia law and...

Sharia rules, Allahu Akhbar!

The Elusive Obvious

A core principle of British justice is that all are equal before the law. Obviously, there are many exceptions to this fine principle, you and I both know that the great unwashed are treated differently from the ruling elite and they always have been. But by and large, the concept of equality before the law is applied in the main.

Does Islamic Sharia law uphold this noble principle? I'm sad to say that it absolutely does not and in this essay you're going to discover the shocking, brutal reality about the legal system that enforces the will of Allah and his "Religion of Peace".

Let's make a start by examining the practice of "Blood Money", that is money paid to the family of a victim by the guilty party based on the value of the victim. Under Sharia law, the value of the life of a Muslim woman is half that of a Muslim male. If you're a Dhimmi (that's the Saturday and Sunday people, the Jews and the Christians), your life is worth half that of a Muslim woman. I'm not going to elaborate further on how Dhimmis fare under Sharia, I discussed it in my previous essay.

This time, I am going to focus on what I call "the elusive obvious" about Islam and Sharia law: It is a legal system that enforces apartheid, not just upon kuffars but also upon Muslim women. In Islam, Sharia law is all about the LEGAL enforcement of Muslim male dominance and Islamic supremacy.

Blood money illustrates this clearly. If the victim of a crime - let's say murder for example - is a female, then her family will receive half the amount that would've been awarded to them had the victim been male.

Under Sharia law, a Muslim woman is afforded very few of the rights and freedoms her fellow females enjoy - and take for granted it has to be said - in western societies.

Sharia law, in full accordance with the example set by the Islamic prophet Mohammed, legally permits adult Muslim males to marry little girls when they reach nine years of age as they are deemed to be sexually developed women at this tender stage in their lives. In some Islamic countries, grown men have taken children as young as three years old for their brides in weddings conducted according to the Sharia, Afghanistan especially.

As for marital rights, forget it. Should a Muslim male decide to divorce his wife, all he has to say is "I divorce you" three times and the marriage is over. More often than not, he will be given custody of the children - not the ones he may have married that is - and the woman will be given absolutely nothing. Zip, zilch, nada. Thanks for the memories now pack your bags and get lost. Brutal? Harsh?

Welcome to Sharia.

Allah's Imperfect Creations

A Muslim wife is relegated to the level of an owned possession entirely subservient to her husband. She is his property, his slave, and she must comply to his demands - or else. Under the Sharia, a Muslim husband has the right to beat his wife for such heinous crimes as cooking an unsatisfactory meal; refusing to wear the niqab (veil) or the full body-concealing burqa; refusing his sexual demands or disobeying his orders. Sharia law upholds the right of a man to violently beat his wife in obedience to the will of Allah explicitly expressed in the Qu'ran:

"Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other, and because they spend of their property (for the support of women). So good women are the obedient, guarding in secret that which Allah hath guarded. As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them. Then if they obey you, seek not a way against them. Lo! Allah is ever High, Exalted, Great."
- Qu'ran, Sura 4, An-Nisa (Women) verse 34

The contempt male Muslims have for their own women is again all down to the example of "al insan al kamil uswa hasana", the perfect example for all time, their revered prophet Mohammed. This is a prophet who had a low opinion of the fairer sex, an opinion he made clear on several occasions and here's just one example:

"I was standing at the edge of the fire of hell and most of the people going in were women." - Islamic Prophet Mohammed

Isn't that a delightful, peaceful sentiment expressed by a so-called messenger of God? And how remiss of the ever high, great and exalted Allah to create such an imperfect being he needs a male to physically beat her to correct his silly errors before packing them off to eternal damnation and fire everlasting to pay for his rank incompetence.

Fulfilling her husband's desire for sexual gratification whenever his lust is peaking is an obligation no Muslim wife dare refuse. If she refuses his advances, for any reason, then she is going against the divine will of Allah who again has expressed exactly how men should regard women in his little handbook for Muslims, the Qu'ran:

"Your wives are a tilth for you, so go into your tilth when you like, and do good beforehand for yourselves; and be careful (of your duty) to Allah, and know that you will meet Him, and give good news to the believers."
- Qu'ran, Sura 2, Al Baqara (The Cow) Verse 223

In this charming verse, Allah states that Muslim wives are nothing more than fields (tilth) to be entered whenever a man feels like it. And under Islamic Sharia, a man is entitled to marry four wives whereas the same "privilege" is not afforded to any Muslim woman, although with men having the legal right to beat their wives under Sharia, wanting to marry up to four men would not be a popular choice with Muslim women I think you'd agree. I wonder what Muslim women would really think? Who knows, they're not entitled to freely hold their own opinions about these matters, and besides, their menfolk will tell them exactly what to think and do as they know best.

And if their women dare refuse to do as they're told their menfolk will soon knock some sense into them, Allah be praised.

Forbidden Fruit

In examining the harsh treatment Muslim males dish out towards their women-folk, it is clear that sex is the driving factor. Allowing a woman the freedom to enjoy her sexuality - a freedom that is hers by right of nature - is a big no-no. From being forced to cover her face or even her entire body so as not to set a sexually-frustrated, lust-crazed Muslim male's loins ablaze, to not even being allowed to pray alongside her menfolk when worshipping at the Mosque, it's blatantly obvious that female sexuality is a bit of a taboo in Islam.

Bit of a taboo? That's akin to saying the current economic crisis created by the lib/lab/con is a tad inconvenient! Sex and sexuality is something Muslim males can freely enjoy - just as their paedophile prophet Mohammed did - but for women sex is considered forbidden fruit and sex is used to oppress and abuse them, all legally enforced by the Sharia.

Denying a female her sexuality starts in childhood. Many Islamic countries: Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia practice the abhorrent and cruel Female Genital Mutilation, where the clitoris is removed from a little girl often using unsterilised equipment and regularly performed by unqualified persons. In many other Islamic countries and indeed in Muslim communities around the globe, FGM may well be deemed illegal but it still goes on "underground", with both Islamic authorities and government bodies turning a blind eye and I include Great Britain in that group I'm ashamed to say.

As if removing a woman's clitoris wasn't enough to contain her sexuality, strict segregation in Muslim societies is also enforced. Sex before marriage is strictly forbidden - for women that is - and for a woman to be alone with any male who is not a relative is strictly forbidden under the Sharia. Guidance for mixing with the opposite sex is outlined in what are referred to as "proximity laws", and the punishments for breaking proximity laws are harsh and brutal - for the woman but far less so for a male more often than not with the exception of Shia Iran - as you will soon see.

Before I continue, let's just take a quick checkpoint here. I've stated that Sharia law enforces apartheid. So far we've seen that under this Islamic legal system, Muslim women are:

  • Regarded as half the worth of a Muslim male;
  • Forbidden to freely associate with people of their choosing;
  • Denied the right to dress as they please;
  • Prevented from worshipping alongside their menfolk at the mosque;
  • Cruelly robbed of their natural sexuality through FGM;
  • Forced to obey their husbands under LEGAL threat of violence;
  • Divorced at the drop of a hat and finally;
  • Denied the same right to divorce their husbands.

Are not all of these abuses of women enough to convince you that this is gender apartheid? That all of this abuse amounts to nothing less than the mental, physical and sexual abuse of women, fully legalised under Islamic Sharia. Women who are being relegated to the level of chattels and punch-bags whose sole "sacred religious duty" in life is to serve and obey their Muslim male masters all cunningly camouflaged as the expressed will of "a great and exalted deity".

May I remind you, all of this is fully sanctioned by the "Religion of Peace." All of it, I am not making this up I assure you.

You'd think all of this cruel and widespread abuse of females would be sufficient to draw the strongest possible condemnation from the entire civilised world wouldn't you? Sanctions, exclusion from sporting events, celebrities refusing to visit Islamic countries along with pious, preaching musicians playing to packed out stadia all demanding an end to "the inhumanity of apartheid" just as they all did with South Africa.

Not so. Instead, the deafening sound of silence tolerates these dreadful violations of human rights. You would also think the abuse couldn't possibly get much worse for women under Islamic Sharia. Well, think again. Amazingly, it gets much worse as you are about to discover.

Violating The Violated

Take a deep breath because what follows is quite frankly shocking and incredible. The full horrors of how human beings are treated in Islamic countries under Sharia law are by themselves more than enough to clearly prove that Islam is anything but a "Religion of Peace." That these nauseating, diabolical horrors continue to be perpetrated shames the entire civilised world, a world cowered by Islamic jihad and its oil weapon into consenting silence.

One of the very worst crimes a woman can fall victim to is rape. It is a cruel, inhumane violation of her person, it is an abuse of her sexuality, a crime against her entire being with deep-seated mental scars to accompany the physical wounds she will have received during the traumatic assault.

In an earlier essay I highlighted the plight of Muslim women in Pakistan, where 85% of the women imprisoned there are actually rape victims. Pakistan is perhaps the worst example but it is by no means unique as numerous rape victims suffer the same dreadful fate throughout the Islamic world.

How can this be so? How can a woman so cruelly violated once go on to be ruthlessly and mercilessly violated a second time by the Islamic courts who enforce and uphold the Sharia, the legal system of the "Religion of Peace"?

As I have stated throughout these essays, we will find the answer by referring to the perfect example set by the Islamic prophet Mohammed, a perfect example every Muslim consults.

Under Islamic Sharia, it is nigh-on impossible for a raped woman to prove her case. Because under this legal system, a woman requires four male witnesses - that is, witnesses who actually saw penetration take place - who were present during the rape. If she cannot produce these witnesses, she is guilty of violating proximity laws and is sent to prison as punishment for her sex crime.

This is a law personally formulated by Mohammed after he was informed by three witnesses that his favourite wife, Aisha - the little girl he raped when she was just nine years of age - had been having an affair. He refused to believe them and stated that four witnesses would be needed to prove her infidelity.

All recorded in the Haddith of Sahih Bukhari 5:59:462 and in Aisha's own words

So much suffering for so many women all from this one incident.

What Sharia Isn't - Or Is It?

I had intended to highlight further legalised abuse of women under Islamic Sharia by examining the abhorrent practice of the scandalously mis-named "honour killings" that are rife in Islamic countries and in Muslim communities around the world and now including western nations too. But although this is another barbaric crime against humanity mostly carried out by Muslims, I found that it is not endorsed or permitted under Sharia law so it is beyond the scope of this essay.

I will however state that Muslim families who are guilty of killing their wives, sisters or daughters because they want to "regain the family honour" are rarely punished under Sharia law and if they are punished, they are punished very lightly indeed.

Robert Spencer nails the issue of honour killings and Islam in this excellent article over on DhimmiWatch:

Islam and Honour Killings

I think that's enough on this. For now.

Playing Away

It's something that has gone on throughout human history. All of us are tempted by the "sins of the flesh" whether we are carefree singletons or bonded into the commitments of marriage. When temptation arises it is very, very difficult to say "no". Many marriages have had to cope with the infidelity of a wayward partner, many marriages have come through it stronger. Obviously, many marriages have collapsed because of it.

Adultery is strictly forbidden under Sharia law and the punishments for the guilty parties go way beyond a failed marriage and a traumatic, destructive impact on the couple's broken lives for a while.

Rather than write my "kuffar" description of how Sharia punishes adulterers, I think it a much better idea to allow an Imam to explain to us the Islamic rulings along with an example of the punishment being carried out on adulterers so we are in no doubt whatsoever:

Punishment For Adultery In Islam

The narrator's comment at the end says it all really.

In Iran, for once, Islamic Sharia punishes males guilty of adultery in the same way as women are punished and here is another video that provides a shocking, horrific and graphic example of the brutal and barbaric treatment Islam and Sharia law inflict upon their own people, human beings just like you and I. Please note that at the beginning of the video, you will discover why adulterers are punished so harshly in Islam and note also the rules governing the sizes of the stones:

Adulterers Punished In Iran By Stoning

What a gruesome, cruel and inhumane punishment carried out in the name of the "Religion of Peace". I know it is distressing to watch it but this is the barbaric reality of Islam and it is a barbaric reality that is coming to Great Britain - and indeed all of Europe and the USA - unless we stand up to Islam and banish it from our lands. We British ignore the barbaric reality of Islam at our great peril. As British nationalists we have a duty to ensure that future British generations are not left to suffer the horrors of Islam. You have just seen exactly why this duty is so important.

A little question for you: Are the stone-throwing, blood-thirsty Muslims screaming "Allahu Akhbar!" in the crowd extremists or are they part of the majority of peaceful, tolerant Muslims we are continually told constitute true Islam?

The point here is not to mistake Islamic terrorists as the only ones who commit violent atrocities in the name of Islam. It is not just about Islamic terror, it is all about what Islam truly is in its entirety.

Chop Chop!

Violations of proximity laws and sex crimes are not the only crimes to be punished so brutally and so cruelly under Islamic Sharia law. As well as highlighting it as a legal system that enforces gender apartheid, religious apartheid and the violent abuse of women, Sharia also carries out harsh, inhumane punishments on other criminals.

Most of us have had our property stolen at some point in our lives: A bicycle, a car, money, jewellery, phone, etc. and although it is annoying and upsetting, the punishments handed out to thieves in western societies are in stark contrast to those dealt out in Sharia law.

I'm sure we've all said something like: "If I got my hands on them they'd be sorry!" when we're angry but I wonder how many of us would seriously advocate the following as a suitable punishment for thieves:

"And (as for) the man who steals and the woman who steals, cut off their hands as a punishment for what they have earned, an exemplary punishment from Allah; and Allah is Mighty, Wise. "
- Qu'ran Sura 5 Al Maeda (The Table) Verse 38

This is what Islam will bring to our nation. Islam comes with Sharia law and it is a law Muslims will impose upon you, by force if necessary. It is a law being practised and enforced around the world wherever Islam goes and the inhumane punishments meted out under the Sharia are going to come to Britain. Cruel, inhumane punishments such as the following:

Thieves Punished Under Sharia Law

Note again who decreed that this was a just punishment with the quote from the appropriate haddith, again demonstrating as I have stressed throughout these essays: We must stop listening to apologists and do what Muslims do and that is to refer not just to the verses of the Qu'ran but also to the example of the Islamic prophet Mohammed as described and witnessed in the Sunnah. If we want to know the truth about Islam then that is where we will find it.


Great Britain is gradually becoming Islamised along with the rest of Europe. At the current rate, Islamic hegemony - i.e. the rule of Sharia law - could well imposed in our land in just 20 years time. You've already seen how intolerant Islam is towards non-believers of various faiths including Christianity as described in part three of this series of essays concerning the British Counter-jihad.

In this essay, you have now seen that under Islamic Sharia law, Muslims inflict cruel and inhumane treatment on their own people, including the enforcement of gender apartheid. The horrific abuses women are enduring in Islamic countries around the world and of course, in Muslim communities in Great Britain, are the same horrific abuses that WILL FOR SURE be inflicted upon your wives, your sisters, your daughters, your mothers - ALL BRITISH WOMEN - under the rule of Islamic Sharia law.

That is the shocking nightmare future that awaits them if we fail in our duty to rid the inhumane, barbaric "Religion of Peace" from the realm. It should never ever have been allowed into our nation and those of our own who we trusted to govern and protect us committed the worst act of treason in British history by importing Islam. But the traitors can wait for now. The time for them to account for their disgusting betrayal will come. First we must deal with the very serious threat of Islam.

In the next essay, I am going to discuss the actions we can take to fight the Islamic jihad and believe me when I say there are many things we can do and although it won't be easy, we will defeat the Islamic jihad being waged against us.

Until then, may I humbly request that you re-read these four essays to remind yourself about all of the issues raised so that they're fresh in your mind ready for the battle ahead. Can I further ask you to brainstorm ideas with fellow nationalists about how we can PEACEFULLY and LEGALLY counter Islamic jihad and PM them to me or Green Arrow on the Green Arrow Forum at his brilliant BNP supporting blog here: The Home Of The Green Arrow.

Every idea counts and I want to include as many effective ones as possible in the next essay. I already have some very canny tactics and strategies to help us defeat our enemy and I welcome more.

Finally, I think it most fitting that I end this essay with one of the most courageous women fighting the global Islamic jihad, a woman from Syria who has experienced first-hand the very real horrors inflicted upon human beings under Islamic Sharia law, the inspirational Wafa Sultan. She warns us of the Islamic nightmare being prepared for Great Britain and the west unless we fightback:

Defend The Heaven You Live In

Wafa Sultan says no one is listening and no one has the courage to speak the truth about Islam. It's time we listened, it's time we spoke the truth and it's time we took peaceful but effective action to fight Islam. It is a matter of the utmost urgency, it really is our civilised way of life or their retarded, inhumane and barbaric death cult. Islam has declared war on us and now it's us or them, that's your stark but simple choice.

Time for you to get involved in the British Counter-Jihad, let's stand together and fight together for an Islam-free Britain.