Saturday, 4 April 2009

Searchlight - Caught for a duck in Wales

Could it be any easier

I do not have much time for Wales Online, I am fed up with being banned from their forum.

The last time for placing a link to our Liars, Buggers and Thieves site that reveals how The Establishment parties are full of perverts, paedophiles, fraudsters, drunks, thugs and general other forms of lowlife. As a source of "truth" they are as dry as my mouth after a bad night out.

But this time, along with Searchlight they have shot their foot off again. Surely they are running out of feet by now?

In an article entitled Former BNP member warns party is focusing on Wales, they quote as the source one Matthew Collins who is on the state funded Searchlight payroll and you can learn a little bit about this "agent provocateur" in this article that exposes the origins and violence of the evil organisation that is run by the convicted communist Criminal, Gerry Gable.

In the article the writer says;
When he came under suspicion, Mr Collins fled to Australia for 10 years. He kept up his campaigning, exposing financial irregularities that led to far-right politician Pauline Hanson being jailed. He returned to Britain in 2003.
Bang. There goes another foot and the credibility of Wales Online.

Collins had no need to flee to Australia. No one cared or cares about this little non entity who has been trying to scratch a living from a gullible press for decades, by supposedly being a former BNP activist. Word is, he never even delivered a leaflet.

But the barrel that really does the damage is the "led to far-right politician Pauline Hanson being jailed". The arrest of Pauline Hanson was nothing more than the down under equivalent of the attempt to silence the Chairman of the British National Party, Mr Nick Griffin.

Yes, Hanson was convicted by a rigged Jury on 20 August 2003 but what the writer does not say, in fact I doubt if he even knows, is that the conviction was quashed on 6 November 2003 when the President of the the Court of appeal overturned the original verdict.
McMurdo J publicly rebuked many politicians including Prime Minister John Howard and Mrs Bronwyn Bishop MHR, whose observations, she said, demonstrated at least "a fundamental misunderstanding of the Rule of Law...[and] an attempt to influence the judicial...process". The Court also ruminated that had the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions been better resourced, "the present difficulty may well have been avoided".

Some criticism was directed at the political interference of Tony Abbott, who had arranged for the lawyers who instituted the legal action which resulted in Hanson going to gaol to act on a largely pro bono basis.[27] Investigations by the ABC's Four Corners programme showed that Abbott had financed disgruntled ex One Nation member Tony Sharples's court case against Hanson, in order to derail the One Nation party.
Sound familiar.

I tell you, shooting Searchlight and Wales Online down, is easier than shooting fish in an empty barrel.