Friday, 7 August 2009

Anjem Choudary has a point

Even a madman can sometimes speak the truth

The rag Sun is going into hysterics because the unwanted moslem fanatic Anjem Choudray wants the the Queen to be prosecuted for genocide.
She is the one who applauds her sons and daughters to go out and massacre hundreds and thousands of innocent people.

"Shouldn't she be tried for genocide and the extermination of a nation?"

Now, if I had my way Choudray would be on on his way to hell right now, half way there he would be passing Our Troops coming home from the illegal war in Afghanistan.

They should not be there. They cannot win because they will not be allowed to win by our politicians.

If you have a war it should be Total War and that is something our government or the American government have the stomach for, so they dither on and Our Troops keep dying for nothing. I am sorry but that is the truth of it.

Thousands upon thousands of civilians are being slaughtered in Afghanistan by both of the opposing forces. We are killing civilians there - the fact that it is mainly by American Air strikes is neither here nor there. By our very presence, we are seen to condone those killings of civilians.

And what do these deaths of civilians achieve? Were I an Afghanistan man who saw his family destroyed by the bombs of the occupying forces then I to would swear a vow of vengeance and be prepared to sacrifice my life in order to make the enemy feel my pain. That is the way of the world.

We should bring Our Boys home now and bring to justice all those politicians who led us into this un-winnable war.

With regards to Her Majesty, yes I think she should be brought to trial. But not for the war in Afghanistan but for her betrayal by silence of her subjects. She could have and should have spoken out about the surrender of Our Nation to the New World Order. She chose to remain silent.