Sunday, 9 August 2009

The Daily Mail removes the truth

The BNP had no part in yesterdays event in Birmingham
Perhaps they should have been there?

We all know that the Daily Mail is a tool of The Establishment but they reveal themselves in this article here. The captions I use under each image are those taken from the online rag that you should never ever purchase - not even for toilet paper. Read The Mails captions.

Attacked: A man with a Union Jack flag is seemingly attacked
after the protest sparked violence

"Seemingly attacked"? He is being kicked for Pete sake. There is nothing "Seemingly" about this. A white man is being attacked by an enricher and Our Flag is being stolen from him to be burnt.

Out of control: Men appear to be attacked
as the demonstration span out of control

Again another lone white man is being kicked and jumped upon by enrichers. There is no "appear to be attacked" about this. These moslem men are trying to kill him.

Now originally the Mail reported correctly that it was the blacks and Asians who were attacking whites. Not just whites attending a legal process but any white males they could find alone.

"It started with a group of white guys who were chanting 'England, England'. I thought they were just football fans......"

".... but then a larger group of black and Asian people turned up and it all kicked off".

"You had people burning the Union flag. People were being kicked - some of them weren't anything to do with the protests".

"It all seemed to be very systematic - groups were arriving in cars and getting involved in the violence."

Well that was dropped within hours of first being released. The story now of course, is that it was an attack by the so called anti-fascists of the UAF against the racist BNP. Bollox.

The EDL are a non political organisation protesting about the hand over of Our Country to Islam. The attacks by the moslems, assisted by the traitor UAF, who the MCB part funds, were racist attacks on white people.

And it was not just the protesters who were attacked. During the course of the evening and long after the EDL protesters had left Birmingham, gangs of Asians continued to prowl around in cars and on foot looking for lone white males to assault and prove their superiority over.

Come on Britain. Wake up or die in your sleep. Soon Birmingham will be like parts of France, which are no go areas for the police or whites.

Then there will be another city and another town and eventually you will be perched on the White Cliffs of Dover where you will be finally pushed off to your death.

At least the EDL were prepared to stand up and be counted.


Daily Mail caves in to BNP Legal Eagle LJB