Saturday, 8 August 2009

EDL Demonstration in Birmingham 8 August 1800

So it looks as if the big game between England and Islam is set to kick off tonight at 1800 and supporters from the two sides are expected to discuss their differences when they hope to meet face to face in the Bullring Birmingham.

Both sides have brought in foreign players, with England bringing in people from Wales, Scotland, India and the West Indies and the moslems fetching in members of the communist party and some trans and pan sexuals from the UAF.

There is some confusion as to the name of the English Team, yesterday it was the English Defence League but today I have had a whisper, that it might now be called The National Defence League but for the sake of clarity, we will refer to them for now as the EDL.

It is common knowledge that the English Defence League site was created by a British National Party supporter if not member, who working with people like the Christian Crusader Lionheart the Blogger sought to channel the energies of British Football supporters into attacking the invading armies of Islam rather than each other.

However there have been splits between the Christian Crusader and the Football element:

The English Defence League that was originally built over many months and eventually set up by myself and others, was hijacked over the last couple of weeks leading up to tomorrow by a bunch of ‘Pirates’ led by Chris Renton, his brother and supported by their ‘Casual’ friends who all gathered around each other and stabbed me in the back.
You can read the rest of a statement posted by Lionheart by following this link.

Both Lionheart and the Football element have gone to extraordinary pains to point out that they do not want the British National Party or other nationalist party supporters to be take part in their "private" protest against the Islamification of Our Country as they have "many coloured friends".

Lionheart should make his mind up though, because he goes on to say "Islamophobes are welcome" unless of course they are British Nationalists and I for one resent my party being labelled as a racist or Neo-Nazi. Lionheart has good intentions but he is not always a clear thinker.

Now back in the 80's there were attempts made by the National Front to channel the energies of the army of young men who support their football teams with all the fanaticism of Japanese Kamikaze Pilots into fighting for their country against the enrichers instead of each other. This met with little success then but seems to be getting somewhere now the enemy are more visibile - everywhere.

Over on the other side, the moslems are tooling up by all accounts and will be there to "protest" against the "protesters". They are looking for some serious action and an opportunity later in the night to walk home with lots of "free" gifts from shops that have been forced into a late night opening with bricks through windows.

The UAF, from planet La La Land have also been discussing their tactics and they are as usual laughable. Their support for the enrichers however is not. It is treason - plain and simple.

Noting that the EDL has announced that they are non political and welcome support from people of all races they have decided that the best way to challenge the EDL is to accuse them of being "racists" and to shout "Smash the Fash" and "The BNP are a Nazi Party - Smash the BNP". Breathtakingly original.

The referee for the game will be the black British Citizen and Police Superintendent, Matt Ward and you can watch and listen to him here, giving an interview on just how intends to control the enthusiasm of the players during the game. I urge you to watch and listen.

So there you go. You are up to speed. Later this evening I will be bringing you news of the game and then later, an after match report.

And who do I think the winners will be? I cannot really say but I do know who the losers will be and that will be the British National Party and all those who helped send two MEPs to Brussels.

Because, tomorrow the images that you will see in The Establishment press and on the New World Order TV will be of young white lads being labelled as far right neo-nazis from the BNP. And the sheep people not knowing the truth will swallow the lie and set the country's only real hope back God only knows how long.

If British National Party members are involved in promoting this "protest" then all you have done is help set up a really spectacular "own goal" and played right into the hands of the real enemy. The Establishment.

And for all those football fans who will first be going to the Aston Villa, West Bromwich Albion, Birmingham City and Wolverhampton Wanderers matches before going off to your evening entertainment, I would say this. If you really love your Country then you should be out leafleting and selling newspapers for the British National Party and not giving it large on the terraces on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Any British National Party member who is arrested at or helped organise this "protest" should be expelled from the party.