Sunday, 2 August 2009

Bloody Cowards

The dyke where Mr Malton was allowed to die
Hardly the North face of the Eiger Mountain

OK, you are driving home in the evening down an unlit country road and you knock someone down.

What do YOU do? I know what I would do? I would be straight out of my vehicle to see what shape the person I had struck was in. Minutes, even seconds can mean the difference between life and death. In this case it was death. First cock-up.

But OK we are not all the same. The driver in this case dialed 999 and some thick pea brained operator told the driver to remain in his vehicle. What the f**k? Second cock-up.

Just 14 minutes later some paramedic cretin named Sonya Lawrence arrived and began a search for the victim on the nearside of the car although the vehicle was clearly damaged on the offside. Employing a moron. Third cock-up.

A second ambulance crew soon arrives and discover 32 year old father of three, Mr Malton, the accident victim who has been thrown unconscious and face down into 18 inches of water at the bottom of a bank.

Cowardly paramedic Fergus White decided it was too dangerous to climb down the bank saying:
‘If we had access to him we would have carried out resuscitation but we had no access,’ he said. ‘The bank was very steep and unstable.’
Employing a yellow piece of shite like White. Fourth cock-up.

Ten police officers then turn up and stand on the bank looking down at Mr Malton, who was probably dead by then but may not have been. Employing cowardly cops. Cock-up number five.

After another 28 minutes the fire brigade arrive and start to to set up ladders and ropes on the bankside but were ordered to stop by senior officer Edward Holliday, who if I had my way would be put up against a wall and pelted with shit or even something harder.
Mr Holliday said: ‘I made the assessment that it would be inadvisable to enter the dyke until a properly trained and prepared crew arrived.’
Promoting wankers like Holliday to senior officer rank. Cock-up number seven.

And whilst they wait for a water rescue team to travel to them from more than 50 miles away, this small army of cowards hold a tea party until the specialist unit arrives over three hours after the 999 call made.

And cock up number eight? People voting for the Lib/Lab/con alliance that turned our rescue services into pussies, some of whom no doubt will be strutting their stuff today in their uniforms at Brightons Gay Pride that is taking place this weekend.

Could Mr Malton have been saved? The so called rescue services are saying that he would have been dead within 10 minute of having his face in the 18" of water. But did he land face down, did he roll over whilst unconscious?

Other people have been resuscitated after much longer in the water. We shall never know. All we do know is that the rescue services of today are worth jack shit and I for one would not piss on a cop if he was on fire.

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