Sunday, 2 August 2009

Non-Doms Still Free To Fund LibLabCon Alliance

by johnofgwent

I was one of the first members of a new trade association set up to fight one of Gordon Brown's nastier pieces of tax legislation, which, at the time it was put in place in 5th April 1999, hit every heterosexual director of a UK limited company personally holding 5% or more of the shares, leaving those of other sexual orientations unfettered to have a gay old time. These days of course such discrimination would be illegal but that did not stop Dawn Primarolo's chief of staff at the Treasury from rebutting my formal complaint that their measure violated the taxpayer's charter with the words ...
"the Inland Revenue's committment under the Taxpayers Charter to treat everyone with equal fairness does not mean that all taxpayers are treated in exactly the same way"
And indeed this was the case, for the size of your tax bill now depended on where, and into what, you inserted your dick. I invite those who feel like a challenge to find me a time before 1999 where the size of one's tax bill depended on one's sexual orientation. And I leave the rest of you to contemplate the morality of Nu Labaah.

Now when this measure was announced, I came up for some serious stick when I calmly suggested to the board of directors of the new organisation that it maybe worth asking our members to stump up £1000 each to donate to the Labour Party who would no doubt make this new law go away just as they had done for Bernie Ecclestone who bunged Tony Blair one million smackeroonies to have a "special dispensation" to exclude Formula One Motor Racing from new laws preventing tobacco advertising.

My suggestion was howled down and I will never know how close I might have come to being LORD John of Gwent in place of the arsehole Alan Howarth - who never lifted a finger to oppose his Prime Minister throughout his time in the cushy seat of Newport East except to plunge the dagger into his back - he was of course elected to the House as a Tory but plunged the blade into John Major and crossed the floor of the house, staying on as constituency MP until the next election when he was unceremoniously dumped on the sheep of Newport East.

But it was my exposure to the corrupt festering sewers of power that steeled me for the news I hear today that of course I expected all along ....

It seems that The Gruniad has uncovered yet another Labour U Turn.

Do you remember the furore over millionaire non-dom party supporters ? And how Lord Tikka Massala the man who "unknowingly" found himself at the heart of the dodgy loans fiasco after the legality of these undocumented shadowy loans to prop up a sick and bankrupt party was called into question. And do you remember how this practice was to be made illegal ?

Well guess what

The Bill has received Royal Assent but until Jack "take off that burkha when you speak to me" Straw gets off his arse and serves a statutory instrument upon the house, "the procedures shall remain as they were".

So when is the man of straw going to serve this instument ?


That's right. AFTER the next general election.

What more evidence of the corruption at the core of this country do you need ?