Monday, 3 August 2009

Some of you just do not get it

Condemning something never works

I know that some of you do but there are even more of you who just do not get it. We are NOT all equal, cultures are NOT all equal and different races are NOT all equal. All races and cultures are different and all have different values and ways of looking at life.

In Pakistan, where hundreds of thousands of Christians have been murdered or attacked, the so called Religion of Peace have been on the rampage of murder and arson yet again. And again they took the opportunity of doing what the Cult of the Dead Paedophile likes to do best. Loot other peoples property. So much easier than working for it if you can just pretend to be "outraged" and steal it from others your leaders have told you are apes and pigs.

The world press and Pakistani government would have you believe their bollox that Christians and Moslems live in idyllic harmony in Pakistan but the truth is as usual, the complete opposite.

Christians have been culled there for decades and they now make up only 4% of the population, give it a few more years and there will not be one Christian or Church left there. Although God only knows what the turnips will do then for fun and property acquisition. I suppose like rats in a barrel they will turn on each other and personally I would not give one flying fig.

The so called Christian Leaders in this country, who take it up the backside for the moslems should remember that in Pakistan, it is an automatic death penalty for using derogatory language against Islam, their work of fiction called the Koran and their dead "perfect paedophile" Mohammed. I doubt I should last very long out there, what with being a white British Christian with an habit of speaking the truth. From previous comments, there are a few over here who would cheerfully hack my head off which I suppose is one way of losing weight.

And do not make the mistake of thinking that it is just the moslems in Pakistan who enjoy a permanent "Open Season" on Christians because the Hindu's in India do a pretty good job of slaughtering the "turn the other cheek" brigade.

But hey, on the positive side when it kicks off over here - and it will, we will not have to travel far to the front line because these days the front line is every major town and city in the Country.