Sunday, 9 August 2009

A day out in Birmingham 8 August

Let's arrest this small white guy and then
we can get away from here

Along with the images shown in a previous article, the following report below was also received. Please, if you have images or reports please email them to me at

Other sources informed me that there were about 300 EDL protesters but that there must have been about 2,000 blacks and Asians who appeared to be very well organised.

I have also been informed that the main body of EDL supporters were not attacked. Attacks commenced after the protest ended and individuals and small groups of both protesters and innocent shoppers were attacked by moslems patrolling in vehicles.

Those in the British National Party who speak out for a Civic Nationalist Party, should remember that it was the Black enrichers who first started to burn out cities and started the whole white flight thing decades ago. When push comes to shove - they all hate Whitey. So no more of that crap please.

Well they are right about the UAF

When I came upon the scene in Birmingham yesterday the police had the English Defence League cordoned off by the Town Hall end of New Street and would let none out of the circle nor anyone in. The Muslim rioting was at the Bull Ring end.

Then a large shout went up and onlookers ran down to New Street were gangs of young Muslims were pelting the police and the police were charging them. The main Muslim attacks were against police and were outside the Bull Ring at the top of New street.

Some young white men had young children with them and were returning from the Aston Villa, match and were furious because their young sons had been terrified. They warned onlookers not to go down New Street as Muslims were attacking whites indiscriminately.

It was young whites who were being attacked because I was not. I met one young white with a blood-covered face who was attacked but nothing to do with the protests.

At the Bull Ring end of New Street the police repeatedly re-grouped and charged the Muslims who ran with others shouting "Stand your ground, stand your ground."

There were rumours spreading that the "BNP had set fire to a mosque" which was enraging people.

All the while a police helicopter circled overhead. The pubs and hotels in the area were closed and customers ushered out for their protection.

To be fair it was a difficult situation for the police but if anything they were too heavy on members of the public who had business to attend to.

But remember that our worthless politicians are letting up to 500 muslims into the country every day to augment these people.

There were very few white protesters as the police were turning people back as they arrived in Birmingham.