Sunday, 9 August 2009

Nick Griffin MEP on American Radio Station

Last night, Saturday 8th August at 2305 whilst awaiting for news from Birmingham, I was passing the time away in the Unofficial British National Party chat room when a kinsman dropped in and left a message saying that the Chairman of the BNP, Nick Griffin MEP was about to do a live radio interview with an American radio station.

Well, a quick thanks and I was on my way. And what a great interview it was, as Our Chairman answered questions on almost every subject under the sun. I am sorry I had no time to tape it but I think it may be available for download on the American site here. In actual fact you listen to it here.

I was also very pleased with the support expressed by the two Americans who were asking the questions and assure our cousins on the other side of the pond that their feelings are reciprocated by the True British People over here in New Pakistan.

What did hack me off though was the fact that there appears to have been no advance publicity about this event taking place. Why was the news about the coming interview not given out on the main BNP website and blogs of leading party figures? Were they not informed either?