Monday, 3 August 2009

The Gates of Dudley

We defeated them at the Gates of Vienna
We must do the same at the Gates of Dudley

With the news that the building of a Mega Mosque and Pakistani village will now go ahead in Dudley, despite the wishes of the majority of the local people and the objections of the Council, one wonders if there are any True Brits prepared to risk all to prevent the building of this monstrosity of betrayal.

Will there be any resistance? If people like Swampy can tie themselves to trees to resist the destruction of an Oak Forest, are there no Nationalists with enough courage to occupy the proposed building site and raise the Union Jack to prevent the destruction of Our Country.

Will the daughters of the Greenham Women build a camp on the land in defence of women's rights or will they stay at home and wash their hair?

In my opinion we should move fast and consecrate the site as being Holy Ground and then defend it until we are dragged away into camps in our thousands.

But somehow I do not think anything will happen. The people of Dudley will just stand and watch the symbol of their submission grow and as the invaders spread out around the site and transform the landscape, they will flee to another part of the country and hope the crocodile of Islam eats them last.