Monday, 3 August 2009

So is a mule an horse or a donkey?

No Vaughn. You are a mixed race "Welsh Citizen".
You are not "Welsh". Thought you were a lawyer.

OK, we know that a mule is the offspring of a male donkey and female horse but what is the off spring of a white man and a black woman? A child yes but what colour child?

Are they classed as white or black? Well you know the answer to that. They are not and never can be classed as white. They are simply mixed race. Half black, half white.

But have you noticed how these mixed race children grow up to be "black" and conveniently forget to mention their 50% white origins? These days being black is a bonus and a key to success in this upside down world we live in, where ability to do the job is less important than your colour or sexuality.

Now the reason I mentioned the above, is because I have just read an article about Vaughan Gething who is "hoping to be the first black person elected to the Welsh assembly."

But when you read that his Welsh father sired him out in Zambia with a black woman, it is clear that he is mixed race. He is not black, neither is he white and what he most certainly is not, is "Welsh".

Well he has a Welsh name but that is about it. It seems Gething is bit annoyed with the Chairman of the British National Party, Nick Griffin MEP for saying correctly;
"There is no such thing as a black Welshman. You can have a black Briton; you can't have a black Welshman. Welsh is about people who lived in Wales since the end of the last ice age."
Now Gethin, who describes himself as "bright", does not mention whether it was from his mother or his father that got his brains but whoever they came from, they were seriously not enough.
Griffin annoys him. "He says he wants to be treated as a legitimate politician in a legitimate party. Well, no other legitimate politician would be able to come up with something so wacky, and so quite obviously bollocks, and be able to get away with it.

"The interviewer would tear him to pieces, or the comment from the media source would say: 'This is all rubbish; he's lost the plot.

Well the man is not yet born who could take on Nick Griffin in a public debate, let alone a cretin like Gethin who says that the crooked traitor, Neil Kinnock is his inspiration in politics and thinks that Gordon Brown is a great Prime Minister.

One line in the article showed to me just sort of man this mixed race wannabee politician is. He denied his own fathers origins when he described him as a "white Welshman". Welsh would have been enough. If you are Welsh you are white. If you are English you are white. If you are Scots or Irish you are white. There is no need to qualify the word.

What you are, if you are a mixed race offspring born in Zambia and living in in Wales is a "Welsh Citizen". Simple really Gethin. So suck it up. 2+2 will always equal 4 and you will always be a mixed race Welsh Citizen, no matter how many times you say you are a Black Welshman.


I am grateful to BNP Councillor Kevin Edwards for pointing out that firm of Solicitors that Gething belongs to is linked to by the Communist run Searchlight Cymru site and specialises in personal injury claims - ambulance chasers to you and I.