Monday, 3 August 2009

BNP Official response to Equalities Commission

The following has been sent out by Nick Griffin MEP and is the offical response to the misnamed Equalities Commission.

Fellow Patriot,

I have just completed our massive 22-page response to the Legal Commissar at the Commission for Equality and Human Rights. As you are probably already aware, this sinister, Orwellian, anti-British gang of tax-eaters is hell-bent on closing down the British National Party, or at the very least preventing us from carrying out our core purpose of speaking out for and protecting the interests of the long-suffering indigenous British majority.

As you will see in the letter itself, I have told CEHR's Legal Director, John Wadham, that I am waiving legal privilege in this matter in order to be able to keep our members and supporters bang up to date about this impending landmark case. Needless to say we are going to fight this outrageous attack on our civil liberties and on the right of all the indigenous British folk of our islands to associate with their own kind - a natural human right that the liberal political elite recognise for every people except our own.

But it's important that this attempted legal bullying of the British National Party does not take place behind closed doors. We need every politically aware person in the country to know what is going on, and to understand that this is not a matter of BNP members disliking 'others', but of a fundamental point of principle - whether the indigenous English, Scots, Irish and Welsh are to be recognised collectively as the indigenous, First Peoples of these islands, and are to enjoy the special guarantees that this status guarantees in Natural and International Law; or whether our Masters can write us off as silent tax-cows, without any recognition, identity, rights or future.

This may appear to be nothing more than an attack by the political class on their only real political rival, but in reality in goes far beyond such cynical manouevring; this is now moving beyond the realm of politics and has become a civil rights struggle.

I'm glad to have you, and so many people like you, together with me on this epic quest to secure the survival, freedom and dignity of our people. That's why I'm sending this important legel document to you and our other registered supporters a full day before we will publish it online - it's only right that our activists and hardcore supporters get the chance to see and digest this before it goes on general public release. Of course, it's fairly heavy going in places, but there are some 'hometruth' sections which I think you'll appreciate. Click on the link below to view the document:

Yours sincerely

Nick Griffin MEP
Chairman, BNP