Tuesday, 4 August 2009

And now for something completely different

Well I was going to kick of today with an article about the new British Patriot Products site that is due to open very shortly but got distracted by the two videos included in this article.

The top video shows clearly what the real face of Islam is like. Forget all those cuddly bunny clowns who appear on TV telling you what fun guys moslems are. The truth is they are barking mad the whole lot of them.

They might have been nice guys when they were young but Islam, like all cults corrupts the minds of their young and turns them into brain dead zombies who are incapable of rational thought.

I think the police officers shown in the above video can consider themselves lucky to be alive, because like a pack of dogs will snap and snarl at a passing person, it only needs one to rush in and attack and the rest blindly follow and that is also true of mobs of moslems....

Funny though that there is one law that allows invaders to insult Christians but were that a BNP person calling moslems apes and pigs he would be banged up for life.

And now for something completely different. Apart from deporting these madmen who are occupying Our Country, the only other way to get through the day without looking for a piece of rope to end it all, is to laugh at the mad dogs and their pathetic cult they cling to.

Seriously now, you MUST watch BOTH these videos. One to despair and one to rock your socks of with laughter.