Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Patriot Products go live this Thursday

Support our Boys - be a British Patriot

Anyone would think I had a vested interest in British Patriot Products, whose flash banner is carried on the top right of this site, the way I bang on about it.

Sadly I do not. My involvement has been minor and limited to introducing A to B and offering advice and offering to help promote them whenever I can. True they will be selling products with Green Arrow logos on but I do not expect to be up there with LaCoste any time soon but stranger things have happened.

No, the reason I will promote and support the British Patriots, is because I know the people behind it personally and know them to be genuine nationalists who have some big plans for the future in assisting other Nationalists. If I did not believe them to be the good guys then I would speak out against them. It is as simple as that.

The other reason is because it shows what a few good people with the right skills can do when they unite and the way things are in this country now, we must unite and help each other when and wherever possible.

By the same principle. Do NOT support the enemy. Do not buy their newspapers, do not eat in their fast food outlets, do not not dirty your butt by sitting in their restaurants or taxis. Support your people the way they support their people. This is a war - doing otherwise is aiding and abetting the enemy.

Well the British Patriot site is now open for you to browse through the products but I can tell you this, the products currently on display are just the tip of the iceberg, new products of all categories are being added almost as quickly as Roger Phillips, a Welsh super Activist, can arrange contracts with suppliers. The man is a machine in the cause of Nationalism and I am proud to call him my friend and kinsman. After Nick Griffin and John of Gwent, he is the only other man I wish I had met twenty years or more ago.

But as quick as I am to praise them, I will be quick enough to publicly pull them up should they not deliver on their "Mission Statement" shown on their Home Page.

However having insisted on seeing samples of the products that you will shortly be able to buy on-line, I can assure you they are of the finest quality and so I expect few complaints on that front. However, if you do have a problem with any of their products or delivery times, do not just tell them but tell me also and I will be straight on their backs and get back to you within the day. You have my word on that.

Now when Roger first approached me with the idea of Patriot Products, I asked him why he felt the need to set it up when the British National Party, via a franchise had the already well known Excalibur outlet?

Simple really, British Patriots believe that competition is good for everyone, keeps a business and people on their toes and benefits the customers with higher quality at lower prices.

Another reason is that the Patriots wish to offer more, a lot more to the Nationalists of Our Country, other than just books, badges and clothes. Their success is important if their future plans are to be implemented. So please support them and wear their products with pride and visit the site which will be carrying more than just products to buy.

Now, I would like to finish by thanking the people who have managed to bring British Patriot Products to life in such an incredibly short time. As a professional Rapid Application Development manager I can tell you this. It was an incredible achievement and the boys deserve a pat on the back for their efforts.

First, Roger Phillips the Director, whose brainchild the operation was. Then the incredibly hard working John of Gwent, a man I have worked with on many projects who I am also proud to call friend - without him the project would never have got off the ground.

Then our ageing Musketeer and 2nd best drinker in Wales, Gwyn the Styg for inputting the data and much other work carried out behind the scenes and finally another Friend of the Green Arrow, Bertie Bert for his artwork and flash banners. Together these guys made a perfect Tiger Team.

I look forward to working with all these guys again in the future.

So good luck to British Patriot Products and all who sail in her.