Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Why you should go to the RWB

RWB 2008
Communists hate families and think they must be destroyed.

Right from the off, I must tell you that it is extremely unlikely that I will be there at this years annual family gathering of the British National Party, the 10th Red, White and Blue festival but more about that later.

At a meeting last night, where I along with a few others were meeting three new members to the British National Party in Wales, I bumped into the BNP Welsh Regional Organiser Brian Mahoney and former BNP Treasurer Jenny Noble and Brian was speaking about why it is important why every single BNP member pull out all the stops to be in Codnor-Denby for the weekend 14,15 and 16th of this month.

Brian mentioned that as the Party continued to grow and to win the hearts and minds of the True British People by being the only patriotic party with the courage to tell the people the unvarnished unpleasant truth about the evil New World Orders plans for the genocide of the indigenous people of the United Kingdom, so to were our enemies becoming more active in attempting to stop the Party functioning.

And as we know, those methods have included, violence, attacks on property, threatening phone calls and threats to sites prepared to offer venues to a perfectly legal political party.

The police and council in Denby acting on the orders of their political masters in Westminster have done everything possible to prevent this years family gathering of the BNP taking place or to deter members from attending.

They have spitefully withdrawn the liquor and live entertainment licences and now in a further act of desperation have denied access to private land for the caravan and camper van owners of the British National Party. They would prefer children and old age pensioners to sleep on the floor of a tent then in their comfortable and secure campers and vans. Nothing but petty communist spite.

Pity they and other councils were not so quick to enforce the law when hordes of Travellers occupy other peoples land without permission. If the BNP had been gypsys, the local authority would have been there to welcome them with priority health care, temporaray education for our children and free laptops with internet connections.

But of course the BNP members are the indigenous population who will not be silenced and so must be stamped on. After all as the professional black Phillips said - we are subhuman. You will pay for that remark Phillips.

The Claw Hammer Gang thugs of Ken Livingstone and David Camerons UAF have vowed to prevent this family gathering taking place and have made threats to attack those attending.

These communist thugs are not prepared to put their policies to the people and stand in elections - their way is the the same way as Stalin - violence and intimidation.

But there is no need for any family to worry about the safety of their children, the police have announced that there is to be a five mile exclusion zone around the site for those who are not residents or actually attending the event and they will enforce this rigorously or so they say.

But within the camp there will be a small army of specially trained and disciplined security people to ensure that no trespassers or trouble makes get even close to their kinsmen and their own children who will be attending this family event.

If we allow the communists who are funding this planned protest to disrupt and diminish the numbers attending they will be encouraged to greater acts of intimidation in the future.

If it rains, it rains. The BNP are True British and are able to turn any event or situation to their advantage - there will be wet T-Shirt competitions and mud wrestling and you just know what good company the BNP are when in the company of friends and family.

One of the shopkeepers on the route said he would prefer it if the protest march did not happen.
Bill Holmes, owner of Codnor Pet and Aquatics, Market Place, said that during last year's protests, people tore down flags, including the Union Jack, which were on display outside his shop.

He said: "I'll stay open.

"I won't shut for anyone – particularly them.

"They are a nuisance."
The reds do not like statements like that because the majority of the residents and local businesses welcome the family oriented and well behaved members of the British National Party. In the 10 years of its existence, there has never been one arrest of any BNP member or supporter at an RWB.

How many people were arrested this weekend at the Brighton Gay Pride orgy? How many arrested or murdered at the Notting Hill Carnival of Death?

Now why, if I write imploring people to attend the RWB, will I not be there myself? I feel it is my job is to be here and to report on the event from numerous friends who will be sending me hourly reports so that I may publish them and images and hopefully video almost as they happen. I will be there in spirit as will other BNP members who are not able to attend for various reasons.

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