Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Protesters banned from Red, White and Blue event

Well any of the British National Party members and families going to the family festival, the Red, White and Blue in almost a weeks time are going to be disappointed if they were hoping to see some of the infamous low life from the UAF up close.

Pity really, as some of them are quite entertaining. "I stand here today, a proud woman with nuts bigger than a gorilla" is one of my favourites from Tarka - the Bitch with Balls.

Amber Valley Borough Council has banned protesters from the British National Party's Red White and Blue event this year.
The council's order to prohibit 'trespassory assemblies' of 20 or more people on land owned by Alan Warner on Codnor Denby Lane, between August 14 to August 18, was granted by the Home Office following an application by Derbyshire's Chief Constable Mick Creedon.

A spokesman for the borough council said: "The trespassory assembly order is aimed at preventing large numbers of protesters attending the event. A similar order was made last year."

Orders to close the footpaths in the area have also been made by Derbyshire County Council.
Oh, well. I doubt the "reds" will be disappointed, most of those who turned up on the free taxpayer funded coaches last year were only there for the day out and no doubt will be quite pleased to read the above.

Now there is no chance of them being photographed and embarrased like the clowns below who crept over some fields to within almost a mile of the BNPs security team who were patrolling the area. One glimpse of real men and they scuttled into the hedges to enjoy some bum fun with their friends.

"Will the hedge be big enough for all
of us to hide in Tarquin?"

Another worry for David Camerons Gang of thugs this year, is that this time they are also going to be filmed from the air. In a statement Derbyshire police said that a pilotless drone plane would be used to record evidence at the Red, White and Blue festival.

All in all it looks like it is going to be a fun weekend for the Boys in Blue and the Red Brigade, pity that the BNP members will miss it all and be enjoying a family weekend away.

But what is this I hear. A several new players have entered the game. By all accounts some residents fed up with the behaviour of the communists last year when they attacked some local shops are organising a counter protest to protest about the UAF.

And then I find that there are people planning to protest about the anti democratic UAF and they are getting organised on Facebook where they have published details of their protest, which they say, has the blessing and support of the local police!!