Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Grant Page - Manger of the Phatz bar Maidenhead

The Phatz Bar, Maidenhead
Manager name - Dick Head

Four British Soldiers who had attended the funeral of comrade killed in the illegal war in Afghanistan were turned away from the Phatz bar in Maidenhead because they were in military uniform. Making it a double crime in my eyes, was the fact that the father of fallen Rifleman Daniel Hume was with them.

Grant Page, manager at Phatz, said he turned the men away because he had been told that there were 100 soldiers had been drinking all day and that some of them would be heading for his bar.

He said: "Knowing what these guys do for our country it saddens me that I had to do what I did. It's heartbreaking but I have to protect my customers' interests."

Bollox. These soldiers were not drunk. Do you turn "civilians" away because some of them get drunk?

You are damn lucky if you have any customers after this news spreads and If your pub was up in the Welsh valleys you would be lucky to have any windows if it comes to that.