Thursday, 6 August 2009

So what does a troop of monkeys look like

Click for larger image of the apes

Yesterday a troop of red monkeys were photographed outside of Liverpool Magistrates Court where British National Party activist Peter Tierney was answering charges of assault laid against him.

Peter was forced into defending himself and some elderly female supporters against a mob of the UAF Claw Hammer Gang of the UAF, when out a BNP street activity.

Now this "protest" against Peter reveals some interesting pieces of information. Take a look at the top image - where are all the "ethinics" that the UAF are supposed to speak for? Speak being the operative word, as they do not have the courage to stand in elections. There are none that I can see. The UAF speak for no one - they are the tools of The Establishment.

You can also see that this "protest" was organised by the marxist trade unions and once you know that, you just know that 95% of those in the top image will be paid trade union representatives having a paid day off from work. They had to attend or else.

The misshapen "little boy" in the shorts is the guy who made the charges against Peter. My understanding is that there is CCTV evidence which will prove the truth of the attack on the BNP activists. Will the "little boy" be smiling then?

Red Ape courting ritual

Now the last image really does show what a bunch of performing apes the UAF really are.

Clearly the posturing male is attempting to carry out a ritual courting dance to one of the female? members of the troop of red monkeys. With little success it seems as Fag Ash Lill of the UAF responds with a British gesture she has learned to emulate from the human beings who gathered to laugh at the antics of the funny red monkeys.

One last thing, a quick count of the red apes reveals there to be less than 40 of them. Now considering that this "protest" was supposed to be a "Call to Arms" of the communists and blasted out to every local authority, trade union and university in the country, it shows what little support there is for the UAF.

Later today, news on the growing splits and internal fighting between the rolling comedy of tragedy called communism.

By the way. 10 points to all who spotted Tara the pansexual something or other.