Thursday, 6 August 2009

Submit little Children

Rough translation of a childrens programme shown on Belgian TV.

Bakfiets Imam (The Cargo Bicycle Imam)

Today children, we are going to talk about religion.

Question: What is Religion?

Religion. That is the worship of God. But there is just one religion which is, of course, the best. And that is Islam. And I am going to tell you about Islam. Do you have any questions? Go ahead… ask!

Question: How come you always pray to the east?

Because Mecca is in the east and therefore we pray facing the east. And also if people in other mosques start to pray from different directions they will all bump heads.

Question: Is it in the east?

Yeah, it’s in the east… you have listened well. Next!

Question: And if Mecca was in the West?

Then we would pray and bow (bend) toward the West.

Question: How come you pray five times a day?

Because prayer is good for your health and your spirit, and also when you pray it is a sort of sport or exercise. Your body goes up and down. I’ll demonstrate for you. Everybody… stand up! Stand nicely beside each other. First (bend) down on your knees. Bend over and lower your head to the ground. Then raise only your head, then up on your knees… then stand up again.

Then repeat this once more. Get down on your knees. Bend your back once and lower with your head right to the ground.

Stand up, Stand up again! See! That is sport. Now… everyone sit!

Now- I hope everyone…

All: Allah Willing

That you will grow up…

All: Allah Willing

In a free world…

All: Allah Willing

That you will become Muslims…

All: Allah Willing

In Good Times…

All: Allah Willing

In Bad Times…

All: Allah Willing

And in Freedom…

All: Allah Willing

Shall you all live!

All: Allah Willing