Saturday, 1 August 2009

Russian Roulette

Pay attention Poker Players

Reading the emails and looking at the video links sent in overnight, I could see that the short term forecast for Our Country was grim and that the long term forecast for the country was Apocalypse Now with little chance of survival.

.25c/50c Limit Texas Hold'em Full Ring games played
over a couple of months
- 47,000 games

So what to do? Switch my Windows User login from Blogger to Poker and go play some Texas Holdem for the weekend or have a pop at the enemy? I miss playing poker for 12 hours a day or more.

Well I realised that duty must come first and so I looked again at a video link that the darling of the left, Roger Phillips of British Patriot Products whose new store will be opening very soon, had sent me involving the moslem practise of "thighing" and thought that I should really write about it. Disturbing stuff - but you will have to wait for the next article to see it.

Because, as I was about to start attacking the perverts of the Cult of The Dead Paedophile, the machine pinged me and sent me to look at the above Video. Now it is all a bit obvious but the ending I really liked. Wari - if you are reading, pay attention to the lesson at the end kinsman.

Coming later today - rants on just about everything as I shake my fist to the skies.

On the Green Arrow Forum, I appear to be the only one who enjoys the game.