Saturday, 1 August 2009

Eugene Armstrong. Who?

You better believe it because they really do mean it

So does anyone remember or even care about the memory of Eugene Armstrong? I think it best we remind ourselves because in the nature of his death he shows us the true evil of Islam.

But before we go on, I would like to tell you a story that I heard whilst serving with operations in Ulster (Northern Ireland) during "the troubles". Whether or not it is true, I have no idea. I hope so, although the cowardly and unnecessary torture and subsequent murder of Captain Robert Nairac was something else.

On his fourth tour Captain Nairac was a Liaison Officer at Headquarters 3 Infantry Brigade. His task was connected with surveillance operations.

On the night of 14/15 May 1977 Captain Nairac was abducted from a village in South Armagh by at least seven men. Despite his fierce resistance he was overpowered and taken across the border into the nearby Republic of Ireland where he was subjected to a succession of exceptionally savage assaults in an attempt to extract information which would have put other lives and future operations at serious risk.

These efforts to break Captain Nairac's will failed entirely. Weakened as he was in strength-though not in spirit-by the brutality, he yet made repeated and spirited attempts to escape, but on each occasion was eventually overpowered by the weight of the numbers against him. After several hours in the hands of his captors Captain Nairac was callously murdered by a gunman of the Provisional Irish Republican Army who had been summoned to the scene. His assassin subsequently said 'He never told us anything'.

Captain Nairac's exceptional courage and acts of the greatest heroism in circumstances of extreme peril showed devotion to duty and personal courage second to none.

By all accounts, the baby murdering bastards of the IRA, having decided to execute an hostage, being insane but not completely heartless, would inform their victim that they were actually going to release him and get him to write a note saying something or other.

Whilst writing, they would put a 9mm round into the back of his head. At least the victim died thinking he would be reunited with his loved ones.

Now I am going to give you a couple of links that you have the option to view. Personally I recommend that you do not. They are extremely graphic and are both of beheadings. I wish to God that I did not have to watch them but how can I write without knowing?

This one here is the fate of Eugene Armstrong. I cannot imagine the horror of that poor mans last seconds on Earth and I curse those who carried out the act and their supporters to hell.

The second is equally horrific as
it shows a young 12 year old boy beheading a prisoner and again is extremely graphic. But what horrified me more than the beheading was the fact that Islam is so evil that it even encourages children to kill in this way. They truly are a cancer on Earth.

Personally I do not think you should watch them unless your resolve to fight against Islam is that weak that you need to see something that will stiffen your will to resist them. Look, to save you going there. Just read the text below, that I have taken from underneath both the videos.
To our VISITORS. TruthTube.Tv has given you numerous examples on this website as to the true nature of the sickening BRUTALITY of the "cult" of Islam. Hopefully, you will have noticed that none of these examples are ISOLATED INSTANCES nor are they CONFINED to a particular Muslim controlled country.

Everywhere you find the "Religion" of the "False Prophet" Muhammad you will find some form of Muslim DEPRAVITY or other. Recently In the US, Muslim Muzzammil Hassan a TV executive BEHEADED his wife Aasiya in his N.Y, TV Studio. There have also been a number of honour killings of young girls in the US and Canada over the last year.

Likewise in Europe, we regularly hear of the GANG RAPE of Muslim women as HONOR- PUNISHMENTS, BRUTAL BEATINGS, MUTILATION AND HONOR KILLINGS. There have even been reports of BEHEADINGS in Ireland which has a national population of less than 5 million people with a tiny minority of Muslims,

All over Europe there are young Muslims rioting in the streets and calling for the BEHEADING OF ANYONE WHO DARES OPPOSE ISLAM, Movie maker THEO VAN GOGH from the Netherlands, is but one example. And yet even MORE horrifying was the SLAUGHTER Of 100 INNOCENT CHILDREN , WOMEN AND MEN AROUND THE WORLD OVER A FEW TOTALLY INOFFENSIVE CARTOONS OF MUHAMMAD BY A DANISH CARTOON ARTIST.

We have Muslim no-go areas, where Sharia Law is practiced and the law of the land ignored and the list goes on-and-on. AND THIS TREND IS SET TO CONTINUE AND GROW as more and younger Muslims turn to Radical Islamic groups whose sole INTENT is to cause as much civil unrest as possible.

In conclusion, all the examples we have given you are factual and verifiable and not scare-mongering on our part. Thus, we pose this question to [YOU]. NOW THAT YOU ARE AWARE OF THE FACTS, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO HALT THE INSIDIOUS GROWTH OF ISLAM IN YOUR COUNTRY????
My day is spoilt. My resolve to fight on is stiffened.