Saturday, 1 August 2009

So what turns you on?

So come on guys, tell me. Is it a nice pair of legs on a pretty woman? Breasts, do you like large breasts, small breasts, are they your thing? Me? I like a beautiful smile, biggest turn on ever.

Or are you one of the openly homosexual Members of Parliament who likes other men and teenagers? There are an estimated 120 MPs who are openly homosexual - and you wondered how they managed to get the age of consent for young boys to be buggered lowered to 16. Come on guys. Shape up.

Or are you a Moslem male who likes young children? Age not important. Besides if it was good enough for the perfect madman Mohammed it must be good enough for you right.

Especially if your cult leaders tell you just how to go about it. I honestly do not know why moslem women do not slit theirs mens throats whilst they sleep, because by their inactions they condone the abuse of their own children. Religion of Peace my arse. Religion of Paedophiles more like.

More on the UK Enriching Paedophiles here.

Cameron makes homosexual MPs a priority.