Saturday, 8 August 2009

The vileness of David Cameron's UAF

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When my fellow kinsman and nationalist blogger Battle For Britain posted a tribute to an ex girlfriend who had sadly passed away at the early age of 41 and leaving behind an 8 year old daughter, the comments section was full of commiseration comments.

That was apart from two comment left behind by the revolting and stunted dwarf from the UAF, Mister Fister - his name gives him away for what he really is.

This vile creature who also posts under a fake Green Arrow and Richard Barnbrook identities and his comments are usually posted with the sole purpose of discrediting the Home of the Green Arrow site and Richard Barnbrook, the BNP London Assembly Member.

You can visit the stunted dwarfs fake Green Arrow site here but I must warn you that the contents are what you would expect from the real face of a UAF member - revolting.

How David Cameron can still allow his name to be associated with the likes of the Claw Hammer Gang and heartless and cruel perverts like Mister Fister is beyond me. How so called conservatives can support a leader like Cameron is equally beyond me.

If you would like to know more about Mister Fister, who likes to ring children up in the night and try to frighten them, then please visit these links

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