Saturday, 8 August 2009

The UAF can just go Folk off

I have just been reading that the Searchlight/UAF have created yet another false front to cover their true marixist face and gather in more fools for them to abuse on all levels. This new mask is called Folk against Fascism. Wow.

This time it is in response to the "amazing" discovery that the British National Party sells folk music and that two of the original artists are not too wild on the idea.

Actually considering they get paid for what they sell, I doubt they really care who buys their music but these days in Luvvie land, you must be seen to be "Right On" and preferably an homosexual or pan sexual at least.

Well Steve Knightley who sings in the excellent video above said:
"We try to make music that's inclusive. And when organisations like the BNP come along and say 'this music is ours, this isn't for black people or Jewish people or whatever' - that's a betrayal of what you've been working for."
Not very inclusive of you Steve, not wanting the BNP to sell on the music you have already sold to their suppliers. By the way any chance of a link to where the BNP said that your music is not for the blacks and Jews please. I really want to read that story.

Tell you what you could do Steve. Why not ask the BNP how many of your CD's they have sold on and then you can donate your profits from the sale to a worthwhile cause, say; The Trafalgar Club.

Shape up Steve - just remember that it is amongst the British National Party you will find your fans and buyers of your work. Stay out of politics and apart from Joey and Co, we will stay out of music.