Sunday, 8 March 2009

1997: What a year that was !! (Part Two)

It's the Euro-elections soon.
Who can we count on to restore National Sovereignty To Britain ?

by johnofgwent

OK that last article got the "little grey cells" nicely warmed up. Here comes round Two. yes 1997 was a year of many fond memories. Suits I could fit into. Pub crawls where women who looked not at all ugly and not at all desperate would come up to me, nibble my ear and suggest they wished me to give them a "good seeing to. And that was just the ofice night out ..... (!)

But 1997 was famous for one other event, and it is of particular significance as the British National Party begins its campaign for the upcoming Euro-Elections.

1997 was the year my postal vote in the referendum to decide whether or not to have a Welsh Assembly was stolen. And probably used to bulk up the slender majority of "yes" votes that established the "hot air pit in the Bay" as the next logical step to destroy the unity of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The British National Party declares itself a party pledged to the creation, adaptation and restoration of economic, military, cultural and political institutions suitable to the achivement of its political aim of National Sovereignty in all British Affairs.

This is set out in the clearest possible terms in the party constitution which is yours to download and peruse at your leisure without first joining the party, or contacting party offiicials or leaving your contact details. Every other party whose constitution I have tried to obtain required me to do one or more of those things. The Tories and Plaid require you to leave your email and phone details for the inevitable junk mail and junk phone calls from the call centre mcjobbers tasked with increasing the revenue for the cash strapped party. I hope they enjoy the conversation; when downloading their constitutions I left the name, phone number and postcode of their party leader at SW1A 0AA. New Liebour are a real piece of work; they won't let non-members see their constitution; it is kept in a password-protected members-only part of the Labour Party site. How typical.

But now the party will face the inevitable question. Why should people wish to stand for an organisation they wish to see disbanded ?

It's a damn good question. I wonder if they have asked Nick Bourne the leader of the Tories in the Welsh Hot Air Pit. He seems pretty well happy with his feet under the table, even if his attempt to make me pay for his IPOD Christmas Present was blown off course. But while Bourne will now wax lyrical of the useful things he is doing for his £50,000 salary and probably twice that in "nice little earners", whatever became of his party's opinion that
...the union is mutually beneficial and any move towards devolved assemblies for Scotland and Wales would be the first move towards the break up of the United Kingdom.
Where's that from ? From 1997 of course, and you can read it today still - until the BBC erase it in shame - on the BBC Website's summary of the party positions as they went into battle over the Welsh Assembly Referendum. Read it for yourself but here's what it says in four bullet points:-
  • Labour: "We think it's a bloody good idea because after all we thought of it".
  • Tory: "We think it will destroy the union" (rapidly changed after they started realising the benefits of the gravy train to "we think it's a bloody good idea"
  • Lib-Dem: "We think it's a bloody good idea as a first step to selling your bodies and souls to the European Union"
  • Plaid: "We think it's a bloody good idea as we can use the expenses our AM's will claim unchallenged of course to buy the petrol we need to firebomb you english bastards back the other side of offas dyke so we can declare UDI".
Wouldn't it be nice to be able to vote for a party that is committed to the continuance of the union of the United Kingdom of Great Britain And Northern Ireland, and to reinstall therein the mechanisms of government and sovereignty required to run Britain in its own interests, you know, like the way the French have been doing all this time in spite of their membership of the EU from day one ?

Well cheer up. You can this time.


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