Saturday, 7 March 2009

Kevin Edwards - European Elections

Kevin Edwards with BNP Chairman, Nick Griffin

Councillor Kevin Edwards, Organiser of the West Wales British National Party has been selected as one of four BNP Candidates in Wales, for the forthcoming European Elections in June.

Kevin became the first British National Party councillor in South Wales when he took a seat on the Llandybie community council.

What is unique about the coming European Elections, is that for the first time in Our sad countries history, everyone who has registered for a vote will have the opportunity to vote for the British National Party. So make sure you register. Every vote really does count, as recent by-elections have shown us.

The soviet style European Union is currently bleeding our country dry in order to fund its expansion eastwards and has even opened up job centers in Africa to flood the UK and Western Europe with another 50 million slave labour immigrants that will take the homes and jobs of British Workers.

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Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Kevin Edwards is a very capable man and would do a good job if elected. At the recent meeting in Cross Hands, Nick was unable to get there due to a family bereavement and the other speakers coped admirably. Kevin was very impressive and is a great asset to our party. Good luck to him, may he send shockwaves through the political conspirators of wales.