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Resistance: The British Counter-Jihad

"I'm experiencing an inner spiritual struggle to find Allah."


2. Sound The Clarion Call To Awaken Britannia


In my previous essay, I explained how Islamic jihad is being prosecuted in Great Britain and how it is advancing the cause of Islam with the end goal being that Great Britain is conquered and transformed into an Islamic state. Recall that this is the duty of every Muslim in the UK; to turn our nation, a nation Muslims regard as part of "Dar al Harb" - the house of war - into "Dar al Islam" - the house of Islam. The Islamic prophet Mohammed - "al insan al kamil uswa hasana" - has personally set the example himself.

One of the issues that British nationalists need to address - and we need to address it with urgency - concerns how mired in ignorance our own people are as to the uncomfortable and harsh reality about what the Islamic religion actually is. This ignorance is as deadly as any of the weapons Islamic jihadists deploy against us and it is a weapon they cunningly exploit to the maximum.

Muslims are very well aware that infidels throughout the west are largely unaware of the serious threat Islam poses to them. In the case of Britain - and of course most western nations but let's confine this to Britain - Muslims also know that one of our noteworthy virtues is also one of our main weaknesses: our tolerance of other people and of other cultures.

They are also aware that multiculturalism and political correctness - those evil twin spawns of Marxism - have brainwashed our people into hating their own cultures and traditions and to accepting that all people are equal. Jihadists also know that if anyone dares to speak out against Islam, they can be silenced by branding them as "haters", "Islamophobes" and of course "racists".

Fear of these Orwellian thought-control hate-crimes has placed a gag on our people and blinded them to an enemy that is determined to conquer them and subjugate them. Brainwashed and blinded, they will also confront their own people who have the courage to expose Islam for the violent, oppressive and intolerant faith it truly is by apologising for and defending the Islamic religion and in so doing, they unwittingly advance the Islamic jihad.

They are not just brainwashed by PC. Muslims know these liberal-minded people will also fall for all of the lies and deceptions that portray Islam as "a religion of peace" and it is crucial that British nationalists are fully informed about all of these deceptions and falsities that will be trotted out to shelter Islam from the spotlight of truth and continue to trap people in a dense fog of ignorance so that the intolerant is tolerated.

Deception is a crucial weapon of Islamic jihad and the gullible who are taken in by it are akin to lemmings marching towards the abyss, blissfully unaware of the terrible fate that awaits them. The grave danger is that they will take the rest of us with them.

We must not let that happen and that means sounding the clarion call to awaken our people to the reality of Islam and the escalating threat of Islamic jihad. It is crucial to the British counter-jihad that we possess an informed awareness as to what we can expect from our opponents whenever we expose Islam for what it truly is.

Where's The Harm?

One of the first responses you will be confronted with is:

"Everyone has a right to practice their faith and so do Muslims. Most Muslims are peaceful, I know Muslims and they're fine. All religions are the same, they've all got their cranks and nutters and they don't represent the true meaning of religion anyway."

It's a great answer isn't it? Seems a perfectly logical and fair statement to make about all religions. All religions that is apart from Islam and here's why:

For a start everyone doesn't have the right to practice their faith. If you believe that your faith is superior to others and that those who do not accept your religion can be killed or subjugated then you most certainly do not have the right to practice that faith. Not in a society that regards itself as enlightened and civilised that is.

Most Muslims are peaceful. Is this true? If by peaceful you mean that they don't commit acts of terror then maybe this is correct. But Islamic jihadists have committed more than 12800 terror attacks since 9/11 and if most Muslims are peaceful, then where are the Muslims who are calling for those committing these atrocities to cease? These are the same peaceful Muslims who march in their millions demanding the death of Danish cartoonists, British authors and a Dutch politician but who are conspicuous by their absence when it comes to marching for peace after Islamic jihadists have slaughtered scores of infidels in yet another bombing.

But what about those Muslims who demand for Sharia law to be accommodated; mega-mosques to be built; Islam to be taught in all schools; Halal food to be sold in shops and served in schools, prisons and public buildings; who demand ramadan customs be followed by all employees in public offices and that other Islamic traditions such as Eid be openly celebrated whilst calling the celebrations of other religious feasts "offensive". Are these peaceful tolerant Muslims? Is Ahmed Lord of Jihad a shining example of a respected moderate Muslim even though he demanded the suppression of free speech and threatened to mobilise an army of 10,000 Muslims - who would all be moderate and peaceful no doubt - should his demand be ignored?

And just where, exactly, are the cranks and nutters from other faiths who are committing thousands of terrorist attacks in the name of their religion or executing non-believers on videos viewed by believers all over the world on the Internet? Executions complete with readings from the Qu'ran and to the cry of "Allahu akhbar". Are other religious people committing such horrific murders in the name of their faith?

The Perfect Extremist

What will follow from the above as sure as eggs are eggs is the accusation that the "extremists" who are committing these atrocities whilst reciting verses from the Qu'ran are cherry-picking verses which they are then taking out of context.

I'm betting you're now nodding your head as you've heard this, right?

This is much easier to counter for two reasons: The Qu'ran is not the sole guide as to how Muslims practice their faith, for that, they have to turn to the Sunnah to refer to the perfect example of all time - the Islamic prophet Mohammed and this gives us the second reason: That of the use of the word "extremist".

It is so important that the example of Mohammed is the main focus of any debate involving Islam. Why?

Because he is the fulcrum of Islam. Mohammed IS Islam. When you examine the actions of Muslims and Islamic jihadists, always know that they are not solely following the Qu'ran but the example set by Mohammed as detailed in the Sunnah.

This is a huge problem for apologists and I have to say that I have yet to be defeated in debate because of this simple fact. When jihadists behead infidels they are following the example of their prophet who personally beheaded non-believers. When they murder infidels in terrorist attacks they are following the example of their prophet who personally murdered infidels. When they stone adulterers to death they are following the example of their prophet who ordered adulterers to be stoned to death. When adult Muslim males marry little girls - some as young as three but in Sharia Law the age is set at nine - they do so because their prophet married a six year old girl who he raped when she was just nine years old.

Does this mean therefore that the Islamic prophet Mohammed was an extremist? Obviously it does to the infidels whose religions do not have such a violent, sex-crazed psychopath as a prophet. But to Muslims, Mohammed is no such thing. He is the perfect example for all time, the final prophet of Allah, a prophet who is the embodiment of the Islamic faith. Remember the quote in my previous essay from Turkish PM Erdogan? Now you know why he said it.

Allah's Divine Law

I mentioned above that Mohammed married an infant child who he sexually abused when she was just nine years of age. The marriage to little six year old Aisha and the consummation is also witnessed in the Sunnah and if this is ever questioned, you can also add the fact that with Islam comes Sharia law, the Islamic legal system.

In Sharia law, grown men are allowed to marry girls of nine years of age. This again reflects in Islamic jurisprudence the example personally set by Mohammed with Aisha. It is one of the most damning indictments of Mohammed, and by God there are many, the fact that he sexually abused a little girl and it also puts Islam directly in conflict with British law because marrying children is illegal as we regard sex with children under sixteen as paedophilia, one of the most repulsive of crimes.

Yet apologists and Muslims will defend this heinous act. They will state that in the seventh century, such marriages between grown men and children were common-place in Arabic tribes and that Mohammed was simply following what was the custom of his time. Esteemed scholar and director of JihadWatch.Org Robert Spencer has also cited this in mitigation of Mohammed.

Although this is true I for one am simply not buying it and for a very simple but vitally important reason. If a man is regarded as a messenger of God, entrusted to deliver the will of God to God's own people, then are we to believe that God's will involves grown men enjoying sex with children? Because that is what Mohammed claimed with Aisha, that "Allah delivered her to me in a dream" - do you fully comprehend what this lust-crazed "messenger of God" is saying here?

Through medical science, we know that young children are not sufficiently physically and mentally developed to deal with sex and sexual acts. We know that if little girls are exposed to sex then their growing bodies can be damaged irreparably. Are we to seriously accept that Muslims who cite Allah as "the one God" believe that Allah doesn't know this so sex with children has the blessing of the all-knowing, all-seeing creator?

But the apology doesn't wash for another reason: That Islamic Sharia TODAY still permits grown men to marry little girls. So stating that it was something that happened back in the seventh century is ia non sequitur because it is STILL happening in Islamic countries - and non-Islamic countries where Muslims reside - all blessed by Sharia and fully in accordance with the example set by the Islamic prophet himself.

It is this very example of a prophet who abused a child that inspired the abhorrent fatwa issued by the Ayotallah Khomeini permitting grown men to pleasure themselves on tiny babies. Advising not to penetrate, this despicable act is known as "thighing" and you can read the fatwa for yourself here: Khomeini: Fatwa On Sex With Infants

How on earth can ANYONE, I don't care if you are Muslim or not, tolerate these vile acts of child abuse? Millions of little girls have had to suffer at the hands of adult Muslim males because of what Mohammed did to Aisha and we are supposed to tolerate this and remain silent because "it's their religion, they have a right to practise their faith and we shouldn't offend them."

Well I refuse to accept that the God of any religion will send his messenger to commit paedophilia. This shameful issue alone should be enough to condemn Islam as an evil ideology that is totally incompatible with British moral values and British law. The bottom-line is this:

If society tolerates Islam then that society tolerates the abuse of children. Child abuse is enshrined in Islamic Sharia law so wherever Islam goes child abuse will follow. IT IS PART OF ISLAM. Tolerating child abuse doesn't make a society enlightened it makes it morally bankrupt and if society refuses to speak out through fear of the consequences then that society has hoisted the white flag of cowardice and it is failing to protect its most vulnerable citizens. And dressing up child abuse as the divine will of a deity to justify it is quite frankly an abomination.

This highlights the importance of the choice all Britons face: We either stand for our values, our morals, our way of life or we sell them out to accommodate the way of life of a people whose morality is based wholly on the craven behaviour of a seventh century paedophile.

Time To Get Personal

In my experience, it is at this point that apologists realise that you are well-informed about Islam and that the example of the Islamic prophet Mohammed is a problem they cannot address whilst maintaining that Islam is a religion of peace. So the apologists will now focus on you.

The tactic at work behind this is to distract attention from Islam and to stifle your quite reasonable criticisms of Islam by portraying you as either a misunderstander, ignorant, bigoted, Islamophobic and finally - go on, take a guess, I'm sure you'll get it without needing 3 attempts!

The "you're a misunderstander of Islam" is a favourite tactic usually deployed by Muslims. They will say you don't understand the message of Islam because the Qu'ran is written in classical Arabic and this cannot be translated accurately into English.

And they're right, the Qu'ran is written in classical Arabic. But like any language, it can and has been translated accurately into various languages, not just English. Also, the New Testament was largely written in Aramaic, the Old Testament in Hebrew. Does this mean that those who are not native speakers of these languages cannot understand Judaism or Christianity?

But here's the killer blow for this lame distraction: There are Muslims whose first language isn't Arabic - Turks, Pakistanis, Indians, Chinese, Russians, Africans etc. - does this then mean that these people will not be able to understand the Qu'ran so therefore they can't ever be Muslims?

The bigot and Islamophobe accusations are easily brushed off. Highlight that the accuser is now resorting to ad hominem attacks rather than responding to the serious issues being raised. It isn't bigoted to criticise and question ANY religion or for that matter any ideology. Muslims themselves criticise Judaism and Christianity and it isn't referred to as "Judophobia" or "Christophobia" and those words also don't apply to anyone who criticises these religions.

Sorry, did I say "Muslims..criticise these religions?" My mistake, let's make that "Muslims...slaughter, execute and scourge Jews and Christians." That's a damn sight more accurate don't you think?

I also like to mention something which I believe is a fundamental truth: If a religion is true and strong then it will be able to deal with criticism. If it is a sham it will prevent criticism through threats and violence. As my late father advised me: "Anything that has to threaten you to make you believe isn't worth believing in."

That Old Chestnut

The racist card will be played against you without a doubt. People who resort to this quite ridiculous smear - Islam and Muslims are not a race - are ensconced in the gutter and they simply aren't worth debating with because they are dishonest. Better to say: "You are lowering the debate into a sewer and I refuse to join you there."

I've completely and utterly had my fill of resolutely continuing only to be on the receiving end of "Whatever you say mein Fuerher", raised right-arm salutes accompanied with "Sieg Heil" and being asked "where are you going to build the ovens for the Muslims?"

Been there, done it worn the tee-shirt and I now simply refuse to debate with pig-ignorant retards who resort to this dishonest tactic. Trust me it isn't worth wasting your valuable time.

The Cure For Islam

Hopefully you will be debating with sincere folk who have a genuine desire to question, to criticise, to argue and to debate with an intention to leave the debate with increased knowledge. My goal is not just to present an argument that reveals the reality of Islam but to arouse curiosity so that people will continue to ask questions about Islam so they increase their knowledge after the debate is finished.

Genuine debaters frequently make a statement about Islam which they believe will modernise Islam and bring it from where it is now, anchored in seventh century traditions and customs, into the modern world. This "cure" for Islam will be presented something like this:

"I agree that there are problems with Islam and what I believe Islam needs is to undergo a reformation, similar to the reformations that Christianity has performed so that Islam becomes a more peaceful, tolerant religion more in-tune with the peaceful messages of the Qu'ran than the violent intolerant messages."

Again, this is a perfectly reasonable statement to make. Islam could indeed modernise by becoming more tolerant of other faiths and ditching the violent Medinan verses of the Qu'ran and focusing more on the peaceful Meccan messages.

There are a couple of serious problems with this though and I wonder if you've spotted the first one? You know that the Qu'ran is not the sole guide to how Muslims should practice their faith, that the Sunnah is also an essential book of reference because it details how the Islamic prophet Mohammed practised his faith.

For Islam to undergo a reform and focus on the more peaceful verses it would need to do two things:

1. Alter the absolute word of Allah. Muslims believe that the verses of the Qu'ran are words spoken directly by Allah.

2. Abandon the last ten years of the life of Prophet Mohammed. Given that Mohammed is "al insan al kamil" - the perfect man - to Muslims, I think the chances of this happening are not particularly promising.

What is crucial to understand about Islam is that the Qu'ran and the Sunnah are sacred to Muslims. For humans to start to change these in anyway is forbidden. Innovation in Islamic Sharia - bida - meaning altering in anyway the texts or the history of these sacred books is not common and indeed, although there are Muslims who are calling for reform, whether or not that reform would entail a rejection of the Medinan verses and the last ten years of Mohammed's life I believe is highly unlikely.

With the Christian reformation, reformers wanted Christians to be more in-tune with the teachings and the example of their Messiah Jesus Christ. What needs to be considered with Islam is that if a reformation were to occur that had the same idea, that Muslims should be more in-tune with the teachings and the example of their prophet, well, can you see a small problem here?

Christ's greatest commandment was: "Love one another so that all will know you are my disciples."

Contrast this with Mohammed. This is a verse taken from the Qu'ran, Sira 8 (Al Anfal "War Booty") verse 39, that Mohammed also recited when he was close to death:

Translated Pickthal:

"And fight them until persecution[al-fitnah or disbelief and worshipping things other than Allah] is no more, and religion is all for Allah."

Unfortunately, there are many more verses like this and they make a peaceful reform of Islam almost impossible. The other problem to consider is that even if a peaceful reformation occurred, would all Muslims accept it or would sects form who remain true to the original teachings of Allah and the Islamic prophet Mohammed?

I have a question for you: What kind of religion includes a verse like 8:39 in its holy texts?

Watch and Learn

I began this essay by questioning the definition of what a "peaceful Muslim" is and I stated that Muslims who demand Sharia law in the UK are actually jihadists. This is because the duty of every Muslim is to transform "Dar al harb" into "Dar al Islam" - also stated in 8:39 of the Qu'ran as you've just seen.

Whilst I was writing this essay, I came across the following video of an Islamic march on the streets of the capital of Great Britain which will provide you with a visual and audio reference that gives further supporting evidence for the claims I have made in this essay, all from the actions and words of Muslims themselves:

Islamic Jihadists March Through London 28/02/09

Please note the following:

1. Look at what the poster of the video "Soldier For Islam" has written regarding establishing Britain as part of an Islamic "Khilafa".

2. The video begins with the shahada, and I mentioned the importance of this in part one. On this march, the shahada is being shouted to intimidate watching infidels and to impose Islam on them. Note that it is followed by cries of "Takbir - Allahu Akhbar", the battle cry of Muslims.

3. There is an abundance of Islamic flags. Not British flags or any other flags, just Islamic ones. Are they trying to tell us something?

4. "Islam for UK, Sharia for UK" - Meet the jihadists.

5. "Those who reject Allah love to live in darkness." You've been warned!

6. The purpose of this march is a call to Islam for the infidels, known as "Da'wa" in Islam and this is very very important and I will discuss why in my next essay. This has more meaning than you may realise, one being that this is how Mohammed waged jihad.

7. "What we are doing is a divine obligation for all Muslims." Is there a bell ringing with you?

8."Inviting the non-Muslims to Islam" - My word this is so important. It also indicates how confident the Muslim community now is in London.

9. "And we bear witness that Mohammed is the final messenger for mankind." So, he isn't really all that important then!

10. "All people of Bethnal Green, Muslims and non-Muslims: This is a public invitation to Islam...1400 years ago, the best man who walked the face of the earth..." As well as telling us exactly how revered their Prophet is, we have Da'wa again and I can't emphasise enough how important this is. This essay is long enough as it is but I will go into more detail in the next one which will be looking at how Muslims treat non-believers so it will tie-in nicely.


Islam represents a very serious threat to our nation and future generations. It is vital that we British nationalists expose Islam for what it is via sincere debate and factual criticism. We need to be aware of how our opponents will try to prevent us from speaking the truth about Islam so being informed about what to expect and how to handle opposition will give us a huge advantage.

The truth about Islam and its perverted, psychopathic prophet is its Achilles heel and the more we spread this truth the quicker Islam will be finished in our land without the need for violent conflict.

Should Islam continue to flourish in our nation, there will come a time when the British people will have to convert to Islam, accept subjugation or fight. That is the reality of Islam wherever it goes and you'll see why this is so in the next part. I believe that should Islam continue to grow in Britain, the responsibility to defeat Islam will be passed on to future generations who will be forced to fight for their nation and their freedom. We don't have the right to bargain away their future for our comfort today and that is why it is critical for us to rid Islam from our land now, while we can without resorting to violence.

Every British nationalist can play a part in sounding the clarion call to awaken our people to the truth about Islam. Forums, blogs, websites all give us the chance to comment, debate and challenge the lies and myths about "the religion of peace". The truth is the deadliest weapon we possess to help us defeat the global Islamic jihad. If we use it, we will prevail.


Wolfblood said...

Superb piece!

Bravo, Reconquista!

These two-a-penny muslim gobshites haven't come up against the Anglo-Saxons and Celts yet.
When they do we will teach them the meaning of war!!!

Anonymous said...

My arabic is lousy.

But i do know that there are two arab words for "peace".

The one any follower of islam will use, especially in any document, or in any transactions with one not of their faith, is a word whose LITERAL translation is "The peace that comes from total submission to the will of Allah"

The other one would never be used in the presence of one who has not already submitted to the first.

That tells me almost everyting I want to know about the cult of thedead paedophile

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning.Wolfblood. Because we have always prevailed it doesnt follow that we always will prevail, even if we were still a people equivalent in moral fibre to our forebares (which we are not!). There are thousands of moslems, young men who reside in Britain and are loosely described as British and who despise us, training at present in the wild lands of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Training in the art of guerilla warfare. Training to handle weapons, training for fitness, ruthlessness,training to kill and kill quickly. How many of these inhabit the no go areas of many of our major cities? How many private houses, shops or mosques hide hordes of automatic weapons? When our poor,unfit, unready young Celts and Anglo Saxons come into close quarters with these troops in a sudden uprising, they will have no chance and be swept aside. Ever fancied throwing bottles or bricks against a man with an AK47, a rpg launcher or hand grenades? Courage and intent will not be enough. We had better have our troops and police at the ready and prepared to act ruthlessly.When they deem it right to show their hand and make a bid for control they will be well prepared. They will seize hostages,many towns and cities and how will we dislodge them? By fighting for every building, every room, every flame wrecked ruin as the Germans and Russians did in Stalingrad? Make no mistake, when it happens it will be well planned and well coordinated and it will be many years before/if we ever reclaim the occupied areas and meanwhile our dhimmi politicians will be negotiating our rights away, negotiating our freedom away, negotiating our country away. If we take these people lightly we will lose. We must be serious, we must wake up to the threat, we must organise and plan NOW if we are not to be caught unaware and unprepared. I hope our politicians are making plans for the insurrection for when it happens it will be Europe wide and on a massive scale and we, the common people, will need more than slings and arrows to withstand it.

xoggoth said...

As Winnie the Pooh said "Most people are quite nice really" Muslims are no exception but the idiocy of this sort of argument is that it is not an argument at all.

By the same token, Saudis, Iranians, North Nigerians and Somalians will be mostly pretty nice people too and many in those countries would actually love more freedom but it doesn't stop the most extreme acts being committed in Islam's name by their governments.

The basic decency of most people has never been a defence against extreme philosophies because they are used and manipulated. If we get Shariah here, can we count on it to be "moderate" or will we only see the real colour of it after all those jolly nice Muslims have voted it in? I certainly don't want to take that chance.

xoggoth said...

I have to say the moderate Muslim response to Ayesha and some other truths about Muhammed, the killing of captives for example, is unconvincing.

They will tell you you cannot judge an 9th century character by modern standards. That would be fair enough in any other context were it not for the reverence they accord him and the way they model the rest of their behaviour on his supposed sayings and doings.

Why should some departures from his teachings be ok but not others? If they can depart from his example of marrying an eight year old on grounds of a changed world, why can they not embrace democracy on the same grounds?

kwelos said...

Brilliant article! I've added it to the index as MO10 under 'Mohammed - the perfect man' and 'Victimhood - playing the race card'.

If every British voter understood these facts, then the BNP would be 75% of the way towards government.

The other 25% would consist of convincing the voters that:

(1) The problem is rapidly getting worse, with Muslims increasing both in numbers and aggressiveness.

(2) Action is required NOW!

(3) The other parties are too paralysed by denial and political correctness to ever perform the policy U-turn needed just to stop the situation deteriorating, let alone reverse it.

(4) Only the BNP can save the children of Britain from a future of subjugation and dhimmitude.

Anonymous said...

Ade said...

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Anonymous said...

Eventuality of a BNP win

"We should prepare for the eventuality of a crucial BNP win after a by-election victory in Sevenoaks and a near-miss in Bexley.

...There must be a risk that in 2010 or soon after the party will win control of a major authority.

If this happens, it is difficult to imagine senior officers being willing to work with such an extremist administration. Whitehall will be forced to intervene, though it not entirely clear how."

The Hunter said...

Islam will go the way of communism, and the collapse will be fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

Anon 09:17

Local councils/govenment may have problems working with the BNP because the BNP use common sense and decency as major guidelines - this will be a problem for local government/councils who prefer to use some twisted ideas and hence frequently hurt the people living with the consequences of their behaviour.
For example, a sex offender was put into a ddecent foster family by social services and the family was not told of his history. He went on to molest their 2 children.
This is just one of many stories of harm done to people by the idiocy and lack of morals in local government/councils.
Yes, the BNP will do thier best not to hurt people but instead to help them. And yes, this may be a problem for some senior and non senior officers in local government. PC will be over. Real decency and common sense will be back. Foe example, you do not put a sex offender in a family with young children without their knowledge. That is not decent, fair or common sense. No PC crap can get around that fact. Social services have enabled the sexual abuse of 2 children in this case. Just one example of the 'do gooders'. The BNP will stop this harm and madness.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. This sex offending maggot did not "molest" the children. He raped a two year old boy! For that he should be castrated and the social workers who placed him with the family should be sacked, prosecuted and jailed for a very long term. If such crimes were punished according to their severity I would expect them to rapidly decline as we got back to decency.I write this with my own two year old grandson in mind and consider the effect on the child and extended family after such a filthy crime. I would have no sympathy with the criminal at all, I would not consider his "human rights" for one milisecond and the only thing which could relieve my fury just a shade would be the thought of severe retribution. We put down a mad dog without a second thought and in my opinion the same should apply to our own species.

Anonymous said...

Superb Reconquista as ever.
Thats why Ahmed and this Dhimmi Government panicked when Geert Wilders came to Britain to publicise Fitna the Movie because they knew it would wake the Infidels up to the TRUE meaning of Islam. BUT it backfired as is everything this Dhimmi Government does and he got huge publicity for Fitna, its like Geert says he didn't actually make the video but edited the material provided by Islamists.politicalMIZZ

The Hunter said...

I did a post on that story about the teenage sex offender. Thanks, Anon, for bringing that to our attention.

Anonymous said...

Could this article be one of the last of its kind?

Criticism of Islam will soon be made illegal worldwide.

kgo42 said...

Brilliant artical. Could not agree more! Our people need to wake-up and learn that a doll spouting Allah is the light is far more subversive than the traditional Golly Wog!