Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The BNP Vrs The Rest

I'll put my money on these guys

By Albion

The art of the confidence trick has been with us since the time of Christ and to this day it still fools many people. It even includes doctors and Lawyers. I have seen many Current Affairs exposés where these greedy people have been conned out of thousands of pounds by Nigerian scam artists. Yes Nigerian fraudsters. It’s Nigeria’s second main import earner after oil.

We have seen recently Company Accountants being creamed for millions by investing other people’s money in dodgy hedge funds but walking away with millions in bonuses.

But let us deal with the matter in hand. The ordinary person is also being duped daily but is totally unaware, and the con is being committed every day in their newspapers and it is cruelly relentless. It is abetted by the TV media, all political bodies, the church, and all government services.

That includes the Police Force, the Fire service, the education department, Labour councils, Unions, Police commissioners, even the head of the Church of England, his Holiness the Right Reverend the Mentally Disturbed Bishop of Canterbury. Silly man; in the day of Henry the eight he would not have lasted a day with his inane, crackpot ideas. Heads have rolled for far less.

When the ordinary peasants got the vote after a long struggle a second party appeared ostensibly to look after the workers. It was called the Labour party. For the ordinary man it was always them and us, the bosses and the workers. Certainly nothing wrong with that.

Today we have still have two political parties but their ideologies are so blurred as to be almost identical. The Libs/Dems are no threat to anyone. I liken them to a work experience political wannabe’s that will always pick up a few votes from a few number of disaffected voters but nevertheless riding a jolly political bandwagon to nowhere.

That’s how politics has remained for many years. A Nationalist party originally called the Empire Loyalists who saw in the very early days the treason that was taking place in this country and was aware that the UK had been ordered by Roosevelt to divest itself of its empire.

The American leaders were determined to castrate England as a world power. It was vulnerable too, it had no choice the country was flat broke.

Time passed and politics turned nasty. Any new opposition that tried to flex their muscle was torn to shreds by the Media and establishment even before they got to first base.

Now this arrangement I write of suited both sides of politics. They would govern turn about. One party might stay in government for two terms, even three terms in exceptional circumstances, but eventually the opposition party would take power, then it would be the turn of the party in waiting. What dislodge a lying political party are the same old promises which are never kept as Gordon is going to find to his chagrin.

Now from the ashes of past a new party emerges; the British National Party. The two entrenched political parties are horrified to discover the status quo that has given them a comparatively easy, comfortable and predictable life for decades is now under threat.

The thuggish group The U.A.F, the bully boys, the hire a mentally retarded thug for a day was formed wholly and solely, for no other purpose than to attempt to destroy the BNP by every means at its disposal.

Even it’s an acronym U.A.F is a lie, it is fabricated, what we see with the U.A.F is Fascism in its most purist form. This criminal arrangement has suited both entrenched parties.

At the U.A.F’s disposal are funds from a government department, but more funding is raised by other vested interest groups in an attempt to destroy the BNP, but it is not working, in fact the BNP is getting stronger.

So the government in consultation with the News Media, BBC and the ITV bosses were ordered at a round table conference to use all means at their disposal using slander, accusations of racism, smear, and downright lies to try and crush the BNP of making any inroads into British Politics.

These lies are spoon fed to you daily by courtesy of the BBC and news media. It is a political character assasination. Worthy of any third world despot.

Start shredding boys and girls and retain yourself a good Lawyer. Your disgusting lies and accusations which you have used freely for your own self preservation are not working any more. Your days are truly numbered.


Anonymous said...

I would like to add when I refer to the police force, Fire Service, teachers and the members of any union, I mean them no disrespect. I am referring to the hierachy of these services who have been politically indoctrinated.

The BNP have had no hand in the disgusting violent state of this country so why are they banned in a number of professions.

The Clergy particularly have a lot answer for. Perhaps someone could explain to them why their churches are empty, Dont point the finger at the BNP you hypocrites.

I would be looking to ban senior paid up members of the Far Left Labour party.


Wolfblood said...

"Many British Asians [Muslims] see a society that hardly inspires them to integrate. Indeed, they see aspects of modern Britain which are a threat to the values they hold dear. Not for the first time, I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian [Muslim] way of life, not the other way around.
We must be careful about the language we use. 'Many Muslims are deeply offended by the use of the word "Islamic" or "Islamist" to describe the terrorist threat we face today."

So says David Cameron MP ...
... Key signatory to MCB funded UAF

Camerons signature is two thirds down LH column here -

There are two parties to vote for in Britain today ...
... the eu/liblabcon/islamist axis or the BNP.

Time to choose!

Anonymous said...

Check out this video, which perfectly portrays your summary of the state of the nation and Common Purpose in action:

Anonymous said...

The Labour government's contempt for industry and the working class is similar to Thatcherism: