Tuesday, 3 March 2009

BBC Spinmeisters "at pains" to specify that attacker of soldier was white.

by johnofgwent

Oh this makes me SO BLOODY FURIOUS on SO MANY grounds I don't know where to start. Doing the daily trawl round the pages of the pro-enrichment BBC's excuse for a news site I came across a story that makes me want to scream. So let'sstart at the beginning before I burst a blood vessel.

21 year old Chris Jones from a welsh valley not too far from here recently completed a tour of duty with the Army in Afghanistan and managed to survive that well enough to travel to Southampton to watch Cardiff City play an away game. After being refused entry to the St Mary's stadium before kick off, Mr Jones headed off to the Chapel Arms pub at around 3pm. Thirty minutes later he was felled by a single blow from a man with whom he "had a disagreement". A blow that, combined with the fall and the impact of his head on the ground gave him a fractured skull and broken cheekbone.

Det Insp Linda Howard from Shirley CID, who is leading the investigation, said the assault did not appear to be football-related.

"We believe the victim received one blow to the head causing him to fall to the ground and as a result has sustained some very serious injuries including a fractured skull and broken cheekbone," she said.

"We don't think this was a pre-arranged fight involving Cardiff and Saints fans, but we do know the victim received a single blow to the head after a disagreement with another man and we are very keen to try and trace this other person and speak to them about what happened."

I'll bet you are, Detective Inspector Howard. But answer me this, if you please. Why did you also allow the BBC to publish these words
Police said a fight broke out between Mr Jones and a white man at around 1530 GMT Andersons Road, which is near the pub.
You wouldn't have let the BBC News say if Mr Jones had been beaten senseles by a black man or a pakistani, would you ? No, that would be a breach of your sodding code of practice on the censorship of interracial crime on the grounds it is bad for multiculturalism, wouldn't it.


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The local BBC TV news (local to this incident - North West Tonight) omitted to mention this incident at all today:

Like they omitted Gavin Hopley, Kriss Donald etc (please google these if you need to - they didn't get the level of coverage that Stephen Lawrence did!)

America is just as bad - see the fuss over the media balckout on the Shannon Christian and CHristopher Newsom (google those 2 poor white people - both were repeatedly raped and tortured by blacks over the course of days before they were murdered)

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This is typical of the BBC and controlled media.

How I hate P.C.!

Anne & Toni of Gwent

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Folk aren't daft. They have long seen the pattern that when the MSN does not mention the ethnicity of a perpetrator of a crime then the aforesaid perpetrator is non-white.

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off topic but British ministers are outraged over the ONS publishing data which shows that 1 out of every 9 uk citizens were born abroad..


'To imply that there is some sinister motive in simply telling the truth is astonishing.'

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Celtic Morning. The whole nation knows the score by now. If the offender is white they say so. If they dont say he was white then he was black or asian. Their duplicity doesnt work anymore so they might as well give a full description. But no, they prefer to hide behind half truths or outright lies. Good. The general public is sick of it all and deserting the established parties in their droves. A day of reckoning comes ever closer.

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I witnessed the arrest of three armed robbers (all Asian) in South Harrow. The local High Street was blocked for 2 hours. I then searched the usual news outlets for a report (TV, internet, local radio and local newspapers). Absolutely nothing was reported. Also in South Harrow a couple of houses were destroyed by a bomb (allegedly an attack on a white girl by a gang of blacks/asians). The media said it was a gas explosion. That was ruled out by the gas company. Now there is silence on the story.

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Because the MSM is so controlled when they mention the suspect is white it looks so obvious that they are trying to make a point, all "ethics" or "codes of conduct" go out of the window when it comes to the natives, in might in fact turn out to be an Eastern European who assaulted the lad, i bet the "Liberals" at the BBC are flat out praying that is not the case.politicalMIZZ