Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Bridgend BNP activists Blitz Town Centre !

Sorry, I am late posting this but I have been away for a few days and had no internet access. Never mind all is well that ends well and by all accounts it was a great day.

Adam Lloyd, the Bridgend BNP Organiser on the left in the above video, is a top guy and a pleasure to work with. He will make a fine Councillor for the BNP one day.

If you live in the Bridgend area and wish to become involved then follow the links over on the Bridgend Patriot. Now on with the report....

St. David’s weekend in South Wales saw BNP activists flood Bridgend Town Centre with an information and display stall set up in the pedestrian precinct, members with BNP rosettes handing out leaflets and talking with shoppers in the streets, and further leafleting teams out and about in the surrounding residential areas.

Even as the stall was still being setup, once the ‘British Jobs for British Workers’ banner was unfolded, the first enquirer came up straightaway asking for information and a membership form, and this then set the scene for a steady stream of enquirers throughout the morning approaching the stall to chat and to take copies of ‘Voice of Freedom’ and other literature.

Other activists in the surrounding streets, easily identifiable in smart dress and BNP rosettes were kept busy throughout handing out leaflets and talking with inquisitive shoppers. One thing that was noticeable was the increasing amount of people who were actually walking across the street to ask our activists for a leaflet !

During the morning, Carwen Jones the Assembly Member for Plaid, or is it Labour? (difficult to tell the difference nowadays as they work hand in glove together anyway), was seen walking past the stall making furtive sideways glances whilst muttering something, - (we think he was trying to recall the standard press statement crib sheet for politicians of all the failed parties, you know - the one that goes along the lines of ‘...their politics of division and hate are not welcome on the streets of insert name of constituency here’ etc . But whatever he was muttering, we were all very disappointed he didn’t come over to say a hello or good morning. After all, we are the very people his failed and sordid party is supposed to be representing.

Meanwhile, other leafleting teams were delivering door to door in residential streets in areas around the town, and again reported favourable responses.

Yes, we did get the occasional rather rude, typical Labour bigot using foul language – which is only to be expected in this formerly safe, ‘rock-solid’ Labour rotten borough, but this was by far outweighed by the positive messages of support for the BNP we received. We were also approached by various people asking us to stand candidates in their part of Bridgend. Well, on June 4th, in the forthcoming European Elections, we are standing a full slate of candidates and everyone in Wales will be able to vote BNP !

Dydd gwil Dewi hapus iawn !

Happy St.David’s day !


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Another good video! Well done to the boyos...