Tuesday, 3 March 2009

"Would You Open Fire On Your Own People"

If this lot came upon armed rioters in the next street ...
...who would they shoot first ?

By johnofgwent. Hat tip to the wigan patriot

Norman Tebbit is famous for more that one soundbite. The one he will probably have carved on his tombstone is that he, like his father before him, has finally "got on his bike" to seek a better life elsewhere. But the one I shall remember him for was his unwaranted attack upon a game played by gentlemen (and occasionally by the odd ball tamperer). To quote from his wikipedia entry (well, the version in place today, at least).
In April 1990 he proposed the "Cricket test", also known as the "Tebbit Test", where he argued that whether people from ethnic minorities in Britain supported the England Cricket team (rather than the team from their country of origin) should be considered a barometer - but not the sole indicator - of whether that are truly British
As one who has, in my past, stood at one end of "four poles length of close cropped english greenery" with nothing but a stout piece of willow to defend my own honour and that of my ten fellow combatants against the worst our opponents can hurl at me, I say "The Honourable Lord Tebbit" as he is now styled does the players and supporters of that particularly sporting game a grave disservice and slanderous injury.

For when I stood at the crease and six foot three of solid muscle, black as the ace of spades and whose parents were amongst the first to step off the gangplank of the "Windrush", began his run towards the other end, and let fly a small red misssile straight at my middle stump with frightening velocity, I rose to the challenge and like Sir Garfield Sobers whacked the ball straight over the boundary. As I did, he was the first to applaud. He aplauded again when the second ball of his over went the same way. And he paced out a slightly longer run-in for his third, which would be my nemesis.

His third ball came on terrifyingly fast with a wicked curve. I never saw its trajectory properly and it would be almost five years before I would witness Michael Holding using the very same technique to devastating effect in a test match. Only then did I understand the reason for my demise at the crease. At the time, all I saw was a flurry of reddish blur and all I heard was the tiniest click of wood upon wood, that sounded to me as clear as if a thunderstorm from nowhere on a perfect late summer afternoon in deepest buckinghamshire.

I did not wait for the yell of triumph or the signal from the umpire. I did not need to. I knew the game was up. The pavilion was at the far end of the pitch, and I began the long walk to my tea and cucumber sandwiches, to applause coming from those on and off the field. But the loudest applause was when I stopped at the far end to shake my rival's hand for a delivery executed to perfection.

No, Lord Tebbit, you did the game played by english gentlemen against other gentlemen of the same standing the world over a grave disservice when you made your cheap remark. Those who take the field in white to carry on the eternal battle of willow versus leather know the difference between rivalry and riot. As do their supporters in the ground and around the world. It is those who would denounce the spirit of fairness upon which that game is modelled that you should have aimed your bile.

For the true "Tebbit Test" is needed now more than ever.

A few days ago I roundly condemned Jacqui Smith on this blog and collected five minutes of fame courtesy of UK Tabloid for my insight into the background of some of her more unworkable ideas designed to pacify the increasingly vociferous and disgruntled "vox pop" that have seen the policies of her party for what they are. The Deputy Leader of the rabble he calls His Party goes on a major weekend political discussion proramme and rants that just because a court of law says it's legal doesn't mean we're not going to find a way to prise the pension out of the ex RBS chief's cold dead hand. A stance that has her fellow cabinet ministers scuttling for a foxhole thaty provides cover against the incoming declarations of incredulity and demands for clarification, and causes the woman in question to go suddenly, and uncharacteristically, quiet.

Gordon Brown takes refuge while the rest of the cabinet conclude their discussions regarding the merit of his laissez-faire policy towards bankers benefit packages.

Gordon Brown is not a stupid man. He knows the game is up and soon he will have to find another job. That's why he has shown such remarkably little interest in curtailing the "fill yer boots" mentality of the board level directors who will be inviting him to join the table as a consultant in about a year's time. Hence his irritation at the clamour for him to do something. And also the reason for the eagerness of his Deputy to sieze the moment to stab him in the back for she sees the opportunity to sieze the reins in the forlorn hope that it will make a diference to their ultimate doom.

And that's before I get to Jack Straw the "Other Half A Home Secretary" stepping in to censor the legally approved distribution of cabinet minutes from the days whenthey were discussing Blair's illegal military belligerence in the sandy wasteland that was once the Garden of Eden and home to one of the Seven Wonders Of The World.

But meanwhile, The Community Cohesion Committee (Six New Liebour, Three Tory, Two Lib Dem and not a single patriot amongst them) seem to be clearly worried that there is now a need for a revised Tebbit Test. And worryingly, according to the Wigan Patriot it seems that preparations are already being made by Gordon Brown and his multicultural cronies to spill more english blood, but this time on the streets of our country, not in some faraway desert.
In a stunning conversation with a friend, who is a serving member of the Armed Forces, over the weekend, it was revealed that transfers to regiments and other units in the UK on home duties are being undertaken by the MOD based upon whether an individual was prepared to 'open fire' on UK citizens during civil disturbances.

I found this long and extracted conversation to be both bizarre and frightening. I will state at this point that he is someone that I have known for years, and trust implicitly. The fact that service personnel are actually being asked in special briefing sessions whether they would fire on their own nationals indicates that the rumours about the Army being put on standby are indeed very true.

It would seemthat we live in "interesting times".


Anonymous said...

Archdhimmi whines about BNP:


Anonymous said...

BNP gains support in former coalfields http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/mark-seddon-the-bnp-is-mining-a-rich-seam-in-our-former-coalfields-1635920.html

Anonymous said...

The LibLabCon are very, very scared:

"Over recent weeks Searchlight has been approached by representatives of all three major political parties wanting to know our assessment of the BNP threat and how they can get involved in the campaign against them."


Keith in Brum said...

I speak French, but I have never heard "laissez-faire" before. What does it mean? I can guess, but I wish you would use the English language. It is after all about the only thing we have left!

Sir Henry Morgan said...

" If this lot came upon armed rioters in the next street ...
...who would they shoot first ? "

Errrrr ... the darkie on the left?

johnofgwent said...

Hi "Keith in Brum".

Best translation I can give you is "leave things be".

I never heard the words used in my french O level course. I heard it used a LOT in my O level history and O level economics courses.

Basically it was a criticism that the world at the time was rapidly turning to shite and the political leaders were unable, or unwilling, to do anything about it.

Just like today !

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the criticism of Norman Tebbit in this article. He wasn't at all attacking cricket.

Tebbit's point was that many immigrants are not loyal to Britain. They're only really loyal to their countries of origin, and therefore are not really British.

Which is certainly true of most Muslims in this country.

johnofgwent said...

Hi 'Anon' of 09:23

while I can well understand why Gerry Gable and his marxist pals would be keen to claim that the major parties are beating a path to HIS door to get the lowdown on their forthcoming extermination at the ballot box, I REALLY can't understand why the three main parties are interested in talking to the communist funded criminals and lottery grant fraudsters that make up searchlight and its harpie sister organisations.

I've been telling every elected representative of all three for years now that the best way they can counter the threat of the BNP is to do the same as Mike German did with the business over leasehold reform in Cardiff.

Get out onto the streets, knock the doors, press the flesh, listen to what you are told, and then modify your policies and the explanation for them accordingly. Doing so with fact and not with spin.

It propelled him from faceless council hopeful to leader of the welsh arm of his party.

(Such a shame he lost his connections to the common man on the way up though).

But the way to succeed in politics REALLY IS to have a basis set of policies and beliefs that "most" of the people like, and to be standing against an opponent viewed as too toothless, too corrupt or too hopeless to do the job.

The problem for the people currently sitting comfortably on the gravy train is they've lied to us once too many times, so no-one believes them even if they are sincere.

Which works in our favour of course!

The difficulty of course comes after your work at the hustings works beyond your wildest dreams and you get the key to number ten, or the oval office.

But hey. One step at a time !

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Would they fire on us? Of course they would. The police were only too eager to batter the protesters of the Countryside Alliance at every opportunity. The protestors were white and so the
State Police took the chance of some gratuitous violence. They are not allowed it to indulge themselves when gays, Moslems etc taunt them but do so willingly on their own race. After beating them with clubs the next short step is to fire upon them and they would. The army would do likewise for they are trained to obey orders and if their superiors tell them to fire then they will fire. Though many would make sure their aim was well off rather than carry out the orders to the letter. What we must hope for is that those in command of the police or armed forces never give the order for if they do then it will be the saddest day in our recent history and we will know that only a sustained campaign of subvertive armed action could then save Britain from state slavery. Re Tebbit's remarks. I agree that he intended no slur on cricket, it was just a test to see if immigrants would be loyal to their former country or their new one. Of course, we know what the result of such a test would be in 99% of the cases. In view of this mornings attrocity against the Sri Lanka team, would we want such people to pretend that they were British? No thanks, their own country is more than welcome to their allegiance.

Anonymous said...

I hope ALL of the forces questioned pull together and say yes, they will fire.
Then this treasonist government will never know for sure will they?

Anonymous said...

Nice PC group of police, showing of their anti-racist credentials.
It's frightening the Police State is in place its time to think the unthinkable, we have serious criminals in office who are prepared to do absolutely anything to stay in power, they will crush any dissent.
This "Summer of rage" that is planned we should stay away from it. and registar our disaproval at the Ballot Box.
hOPE YOUR OKAY GA you weren't here yesterday, regards. politicalMIZZ

johnofgwent said...

Hi Celtic, as you can imagine when I put this article together I was blissfully unaware of what was going on a few thousand miles away and yes I agree with you I feel we are better of without the "allegiance" of such people.

And a quick response for Political Mizz. GA is fine and well but right now is sitting in a spot where two tin cans and a bit of damp string are about his only form of communication, which is why I've been publishing the comments on his behalf as and when I have time. But he'll be back before long.

Anonymous said...

The primary role of HM Armed Forces is defence of the realm. The primary role of all true British patriots is the same.

Let the army play their role and let us play our role by not diverting unnecessary resources from that noble task. For surely they will if there was any protesting, no matter how peaceful, as the rotten corrupt leadership of this country would send their rats, the UAF to cause anarchy and mayhem at them.