Sunday, 8 March 2009

Common Purpose 08 Mar 2009, 19:00 on BBC Radio 5 live

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Here you go....

Jonathan Maitland examines the influence of the networking group Common Purpose.

Secret society?

We shine a spotlight on a nationwide networking organisation with influence in high places.

“Common Purpose” has been described as a politically correct version of freemasonry.

Prominent supporters include the Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Cressida Dick, BBC Business Editor Robert Peston and numerous top public sector officials.

We investigate whether there is any substance to the rumours about its hidden influence and agenda.


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Anonymous said...

For some time now, I've been saying that it won't be too long before Common
Purpose breaks cover and announces its presence. I believe they will tell us
that there are X000s of graduates, whom we must admire and be grateful to
for their endeavours - anybody who criticises the graduates and the
organisation will be branded traitors to the country because these fine
people will be the answer to restoring stability in our society and
If the BBC have had approval to air something about the organisation, then it won't be an exposé but more a glowing reference for Common Purpose, from which the BBC's senior management have received their training.

I suspect this BBC report has been deemed necessary to sugar-coat CP as a result of exposure of their activities by bloggers and dedicated anti-CP websites such as

Anonymous said...

"They call themselves progressives but we have a better word for them..."

The 2nd US Revolution

It's a bit yankee-fied but it shows how the agenda being pushed by Common Purpose is destroying the US as well as here and in exactly the same way.

Perhaps we should now refer to our battle with the destroyers of Europe as The Great British Revolution?

Oh, we British don't do Revolutions do we?


Anonymous said...

I expect a whitewash. If they don't invite Brian Gerrish to speak on the subject then I will immediately switch off -as this will be the first indicator of said whitewash.

Anonymous said...

Massive Gov Scam £900 billion sentencing us all to poverty.
Tories and libdems helping from the sidelines.

Anonymous said...

It wasnt a whitewash-well the masses have become too aware to swallow those any longer, instead we have what appears to be a balanced argument, which only on closer scrutiny shows an underlying but subtle message. And the message?, well those who disagree with the Labour left are of course "Nazis" (I kid ye not even the Jews were brought into the debate by the alleged CP representative!!), and of course it was pushed home that the fears of Brian Gerrish were nothing more than conspiracy theories, along the lines of believing some people are lizards, again I kid ye not!!).

Although one thing that WAS interesting came from the CP rep who knew the presenters educational history, which resulted in a gasp of shock from said presenter. Conclusion?, well I dont think anyone was fooled, and in fact I would wager that any of those listening, including those who are being turned into the new slaves by the very evil CSA (the subject of the earlier discussion), may well be interested to know how much of their lost "maintenance payments" have been spent on CP courses.

Anonymous said...

Almost every speech by Barack Hussain Obama carries the words "common purpose".