Sunday, 8 March 2009

Please Sir, the BNP did .....

Please Sir. The Green Arrow said I am nothing but a pathetic snitch.

What a pathetic rag the Scottish Sunday Herald is. In fact come to think of it, ALL the "establishment" rags, whether national or local are pathetic.

Unable to attack the policies of the British National Party because they are the truth, they have to find other ways, pathetically childish ways in which to try and counter the growth of the fastest growing political party Our Islands have ever seen.

First we had them jumping in glee over the fact that the BNP showed an image of a Spitfire in its Battle for Britain campaign literature, that was probably flown by a Polish Pilot. They chose to miss completely that it was the British Spitfire that was symbolic and not the pilot.

Now, like some school kid trying to curry favour with his teacher, we have the Sunday Herald wasting internet band width with the "Big Story" that the BNP may have used BBC footage of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in promoting British History.
The Sunday Herald brought the issue to the attention of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo organisers, who then prompted the BBC to take action.
Please Sir. Well if that is all they have to throw at us then they really are up shit creek without a paddle.
Simon Darby, the BNP Deputy Leader had it spot on when he said on hearing the news:
He called the BBC and Edinburgh Military Tattoo's reaction "totally pathetic" and said: "We're not going to get intimidated by the politically correct brigade just for having images up on BNPtv of a spectacular event and part of our culture that we're proud of.

"It is much ado about nothing because, remember, this is the BBC that tried to smuggle hidden cameras into our meetings and then tried to get us locked up for seven years. I notice they didn't ask for permission to film us
Watching the growth and success of the BNP must be hell for the corrupt "establishment". Good. They can never suffer enough for what they have done to Our People and will be punished.


Brian said...

BBC footage is funded by public money (licence fees) so why isn't it in the public domain?

Shouldn't all recorded BBC products be offered to the public free of charge, as they've already paid for them once?

I believe there's a system in the USA where any information produced by public funds is automatically regarded as being in the public domain.

Maybe it's time to start a campaign to have the BBC's copyright reviewed. That'll hit the parasites where it hurts!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone with half a brain will see this for what it is. Another pathetic smear so blatant and trivial it is amusing. Do they really think the general public will think this is horrendous? They read EVERY day about murders,muggings rape in our country and corruption among the Lib/Lab/Con parties, so this will be seen as totally pathetic and cluching at straws.

Anonymous said...

The BBC's blatant Metropolitan-elitist, pro-Islamic and anti-working class bias.

Anonymous said...

Take no notice, as I'm sure many of those Scots who have witnessed in the last year or so their town centres over run by sandal wearing, mobile phone hugging immigrants (in the middle of a Scottish winter) will be aware that its any old excuse for a dirty tricks smeer campaign.

And can anyone tell me why the lunatic left, from their "in the pocket" journos to their anti white racist activists, have such a fascination for daft names?, Jaspa being a very popular one. No doubt accompanied by a daft haircut ragamuffin attire.

beowulf said...

no publicity is bad publicity as the old saying goes, Infact that was re enforced for me yesterday at our day of action, When one of our activists stated the reason he got involved with the bnp was all the stories in the press made him curious to find out what the bnp were upto. Since then he as stood for local council and is the agent for our candidate this time round. So thanks for the free publicity, to the establishment I say this. You can lie about us try to intimidate us,attempt to gag us, even lock us up BUT YOU WILL NEVER STOP US