Sunday, 8 March 2009

Tony Travers, London School of Economics

Portrait of a Moron

As the British National Party continues to grow, so to, do the attacks on it increase as the "establishment" becomes increasingly frightened for their political futures.

But some of their attacks are just plain weird and pathetic. Take this recent one by Tony Travers, director, Greater London Group, London School of Economics, in which he writes about the eventuality of the BNP wining control of a major authority.

He reports that Barking & Dagenham LBC has been given a top CPA award by the Audit commission because of the excellent work carried out by its Councillors and leaders.

Now nine of those councillors are British National Party councillors and so for him then to say that BNP councillors are ineffective is complete rubbish.

It is not BNP councillors who being arrested for fraud, corruption, assault and paedophilia. No wonder Lib/Lab/con councillors have low attendance records. They are all in jail - or should be.

Then he really started to rock my socks. If director Tony Travers is anything to go by, then the LSE is staffed by morons because he came out with;
No one really knows why the BNP has prospered in recent years.
Well let me enlighten you Tony. It is because the British People have had a gutsful of seeing Their Country betrayed by people like you. And you and others like you, will pay for your treason.

Then this cretin of a director of the LSE, shows us just why he is a director
In January, Hazel Blears said she believed many white working-class people felt 'ignored' over their concerns about the issue of immigration.

Yet many places that have large migrant populations do not vote for the BNP in any numbers.
No of course places that have large migrant populations do not vote for the BNP. Do Turkeys vote for Christmas. Bloody idiot.

Now though, the article he writes becomes a little scary as he conceedes that the BNP will soon win control of a major authority. In fact we will win all that are not completly enriched by Turkeys who will never vote for the benefit of the True British People.
If this happens, it is difficult to imagine senior officers being willing to work with such an extremist administration. Whitehall will be forced to intervene, though it not entirely clear how.
Now this mans article was written in the Local Government Chronicle and given that these days, many local government officers are Common Purpose graduates, it is obvious that these people would not be willing to work with their properly and legally elected BNP masters.

But their job is to carry out the wishes of those elected to govern, not to work against them and so any of them who are unwilling to do the jobs they are paid for should be sacked without any form of payoff or compensation.

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defender said...

LSE= Fabians, nuff said

gatesofvienna said...

GA heres' another of great importance!

Government Capitulating to Islamic Law if Shari'ah Finance Regulations Changed as Proposed
Earned Media 07 March 2009

THE British Government will be capitulating to Islamic religious law if they change the current financial regulations to accommodate Shari'ah Finance and issue sukuk bonds, following recommended changes to the Legislative Framework for the Regulation of Alternative Finance Investment Bonds (Sukuk) as proposed.

Christian Concern for our Nation and the Christian Legal Centre, in a written submission to the Treasury and the Financial Services Authority, give what they describe as a 'prophetic warning' over what could radically change the fundamental basis of British society through its financial regulation.

Andrea Minichiello Williams, Barrister and Director of the two organisations, said: "The accommodation of Shari'ah Compliant Finance by the British Government represents a capitulation to Islamic religious law. The Shari'ah scholars who mastermind this kind of finance desire to see the Islamisation of the UK and its submission to Shari'ah Law.

The authority given to Shari'ah scholars by financial institutions and the plans announced by the Authorities to appoint such clerics to advise them shows just how far adrift we have sailed as a nation from tolerance, via multiculturalism to accommodation and soon to subjugation."

Mrs. Williams has reminded the Treasury that in 2003, the European Court of Human Rights found that Shari'ah Law: "...was incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy as set forth in the Convention. It considered that 'sharia, which faithfully reflects the dogmas and divine rules laid down by religion, is stable and invariable. Principles such as pluralism in the political sphere or the constant evolution of public freedoms have no place in it'.

According to the Court, it was difficult to declare one's respect for democracy and human rights while at the same time supporting a regime based on shari'ah, which clearly diverged from Convention values, particularly with regard to its criminal law and criminal procedure, its rules on the legal status of women and the way it intervened in all spheres of private and public life in accordance with religious precepts.

In October last year, the House of Lords also found Shari'ah Law to be incompatible with human rights, stating that it was 'arbitrary and discriminatory'.

Muhammad Taqi Usmani, a 'Godfather' of Islamic Finance, was quoted in The Times in September 2007 as saying that Muslims should wage jihad in "to establish the supremacy of Islam" worldwide. This includes jihad bi l mal, or jihad through financial activities.

The Government has publicised its support for Islamic or 'Shari'ah-Compliant' Finance (hereinafter 'SCF' or 'Islamic Finance') and has stated its intention to facilitate the growth of the sector so that London remains Europe's gateway to international Islamic finance. The Government has already passed a number of enactments and laid several sets of regulations in order to create a 'level playing field' in tax and regulatory law for Islamic products vis-à-vis conventional ones.

HM Treasury and the Financial Services Authority are currently seeking to establish how best to regulate an issue by the British Government of sukuk, or Islamic bonds. They say that these bonds share the legal framework of collective investment schemes, yet mirror debt securities or asset-backed securities in economic substance.

The Authorities believe that issuing such bonds and thus accommodating Shari'ah Finance will be of benefit to society as a whole, will increase liquidity for the Treasury and will enable Muslims to be financially enfranchised.

For further information:

Andrea Minichiello Williams
Director CCFON & CLC
(020) 7467 5427 and (07712) 591164

Editor's Notes:

CCFON/CLC submitted their response to the consultation on 4th March highlighting the following concerns:

1. Shari'ah-Compliant Finance was invented by the terrorist organisation, the Muslim Brotherhood, in the 1920's as a means of waging financial jihad against Western nations with the ultimate aim of undermining Western capital markets and Islamising Western nations. To accommodate it is therefore to hasten the demise of this nation's democracy and the introduction of all parts of Shari'ah Law.

2. SCF proclaims itself to be ethical due to its supposed avoidance of interest, its contributions to Islamic charities and its refusal to invest in certain 'haram' (forbidden) industries. The reality, however, is that SCF products charge and pay interest and call it by another name; that Islamic charities are often fronts for terrorist organisations and that Islamic finance prohibits investment in anything Western, Christian or Jewish, not just the pork or alcohol industries.

3. Islamic Finance has little to do with the consciences of ordinary Muslims and everything to do with the political ambitions of domination of Islamists; Islam does not oblige Muslims to tell the truth when the cause of Islam is at stake, nor does it oblige Muslims to show any loyalty to non-Muslims. Instead it teaches that the whole world and everything in it belongs to Allah.

4. SCF products cannot be designed or managed by a non-Muslim; instead, each company or Government that wishes to provide Islamic financial products must comply with the directives of a board of Shari'ah scholars known as a Shari'ah Supervisory Board or Committee (hereinafter 'SSB'), thus submitting to the supposedly superior authority and jurisdiction of a group of (usually Islamist) clerics whose extramural activities have often included advocating or sponsoring terrorism.

5. The Government seems unaware of the impossibility of adequately regulating SCF given the lack of standardisation in the industry and the necessity of relying on rulings by religious scholars who are accountable to no-one and who are likely to be hostile to democracy and to transparency.

6. The Government should pay no attention to the advocates of Islamic finance who responded to the previous consultation on sukuk given their financial track record.

7. SCF is a risky form of finance, given that Shari’ah scholars disagree on which financial instruments are Shari'ah compliant and which are not. Additionally, SCF investments are linked to underlying assets or businesses, whose returns cannot be guaranteed, whilst the capital invested in them remains illiquid (locked up). Further, the capital adequacy weighting required for sukuk is said to be zero. These factors can lead to sudden devaluations in investments and may pose a greater systemic risk than conventional products.

8. Sukuk are a costly form of finance to issue, given that the Treasury will be responsible for the increased costs of regulation and that Government agencies will need to maintain the assets that back these 'bonds' at their own expense.

9. By exempting SCF products from various regulations and taxes, the Government is exercising positive discrimination in favour of Islamic investors and creating loopholes that may be exploited by others.

10. The ownership of Governmental assets will need to be transferred to investors, with all the risks that being indebted to hard-line Muslims might involve.

About CCFON & CLC:

Christian Concern for our Nation (CCFON) is a policy and legal resource centre that identifies changes in policy and law that may affect the Judeo-Christian heritage of this nation. The team of lawyers and advisers at CCFON conduct research into, and campaign on, legislation and policy changes that may affect Christian Freedoms or the moral values of the UK. CCFON serves a mailing list of 25,000 supporters.

CCFON is linked to a sister and separate organisation, the Christian Legal Centre, which takes up cases affecting Christian freedoms.

Websites: and
Contact: Andrea Minichiello Williams,
Director, Christian Legal Centre

Anonymous said...

Any pretence of Democracy being the rules under which we live are surely buried with the above story.

Instead of celebrating the BNP award for their good governance, this is seen as a threat.

Strange how they fear British patriots but not the entry into our parliament of those we know are out to see the demise of all British Christians.

Although i expect the same cover up and lies, tonight radio 5 live will take a look at Common Purpose better known as Commie Party.
7pm, The BBC will have to search first for someone in that organisation that is free of CP themselves.
Half an hour programme can't even scratch the surface.
Bloggers have sufficiant material for a year long daily series.

Anonymous said...

Off topic. For reference only.

Go to this site and read his latest post.

defender said...

LSE history

LSE was founded in 1895. The decision to create the School was made by four Fabians at a breakfast party at Borough Farm, near Milford, Surrey, on 4 August 1894. The four were Beatrice and Sidney Webb, Graham Wallas and George Bernard Shaw.

LSE was founded after a bequest to the Fabian Society of some £20,000 by Henry Hunt Hutchinson. The Hutchinson bequest coincided not just with the Fabians' ideas but also with a wider movement in society.

The aim of the School was the betterment of society. By studying poverty issues and analysing inequalities, the Webbs sought to improve society in general. Sidney Webb in particular, noted Beatrice in her diaries, had a vision of 'a centre not only of lectures on special subjects but an association of students who would be directed and supported in doing original work.' Other donations were solicited to add to the Hutchinson legacy and the School developed rapidly through private philanthropy.

LSE held its first classes in October 1895 in rooms in John Street, moving a year later to 10 Adelphi Terrace. In 1900 LSE was recognised as a faculty of economics in the newly-constituted University of London and in 1901 the Faculty degrees were announced as the BSc (Econ) and DSc (Econ) - the first university degrees principally dedicated to the social sciences.

In 1902 the School moved formally to its present site, in Clare Market and Houghton Street, off the Aldwych. In May 1920 King George V laid the foundation stone of the Old Building.

The School's motto was adopted in February 1922. Suggested by Professor Edwin Cannan from Virgil's Georgics, the phrase rerum cognoscere causas means to know the causes of things. The industrious beaver emblem was chosen in the same year.