Sunday, 1 March 2009

Geert Wilders' Freedom Party leads polls

Geert Wilders as put his life on the line to warn the West about Islam

According to Dutch opinion polls, if parliamentary elections were held today the Freedom Party whose leader is the heroic Geert Wilders, would become the largest party. The Freedom Party has 27 seats in the polls, while the Christian Democrats - the largest party in the governing coalition - has 26.

The Freedom Party has been rising in the polls since the Amsterdam appeals court decided to try Wilders for anti-Muslim comments six weeks ago. He was also in the news because of the cowardice of our so called leaders in refusing him access to Our Country to attend a presentation of his film, Fitna that reveals the true evil of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile.

However the film was still shown in the House of Lords on February 12 despite Mr Wilders enforced absence.

Shamefully, only 30 people attended the screening, five of them members of the Upper House. All 743 peers were invited, as were the 646 MPs, none of whom attended.

Hats of to those who watched the film and everlasting shame on those who did not.


Anonymous said...

When all of the civilised countries become Nationalist, as they surely will given the current world crisis, and the numbers of people fed up with the establishment corruption become overwhelming, what will happen then?. Will the existing criminal cabals in charge of our nations bow to public opinion and pressure, and once "in it for themselves" ministers all of a sudden become populist?..or will the EU jackboot be firmly entrenched in our collective skulls?, which I suspect is what the powers that be are hoping will come sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

The people of Europe are sick of spin, lies, deceit, taqiyya, cover-ups and propaganda.

A party that tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth will get the votes.

Anonymous said...

"All 743 peers were invited, as were the 646 MPs, none of whom attended."

I wonder how many of our easily-bribable politicians have sold their souls to the immensely wealthy and powerful Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC)?

"The OIC’s aim is to punish and suppress any alleged Islamophobia, around the world but particularly in Europe, and it has been a leader in creating the conditions that made the U.K.’s Wilders ban possible.

...Among the manifestations of Islamophobia, in the OIC’s view, are European opposition to illegal immigration, anti-terrorist measures, criticism of multiculturalism, and indeed any efforts to defend Western cultural and national identities. The OIC has massive funding from oil sources, which it lavishly spends on the Western media and academia and in countless “dialogues.” It influences Western policy, laws, and even textbooks through pressures brought by Muslim immigrants and by the Western nations’ own leftist parties. Hence, we have seen Kristallnacht-like incitements of hate and murder against European Jews and Israel conducted with impunity in the cities of Europe — where respect for human rights is supposed to be one of the highest values.

Geert Wilders is the latest victim of this enormous world machinery."

defender said...

The elites are and have been preparing for a war against the european peoples. Make no mistake about that.

Anonymous said...

Green I sent the video and his speech to every councillor in Aberdeen. I urge all patriots to do the same as they will look at it and it will leave a lasting impression no matter what.

I dont believe that even the Liberals and most lefties want to live in an Islamic state.

Also every Gay, Christian and normal person in the UK must support the BNP or their children and own future will be crushed by Islam.

Aberdeen Patriot.

Anonymous said...

Green I sent the video and his speech to every councillor in Aberdeen. I urge all patriots to do the same as they will look at it and it will leave a lasting impression no matter what.

I dont believe that even the Liberals and most lefties want to live in an Islamic state.

Also every Gay, Christian and normal person in the UK must support the BNP or their children and own future will be crushed by Islam.

Aberdeen Patriot.

Anonymous said...

It is the duty for every MP to watch that film.
Dont they realise churchill gave warnings about Islam

defender said...

GA, I have been reading this mans work for many years. This is the first time that I have read where he is coming to a political decision.
It truely would be a benifit should he commit to the only choice.
Please read

Anonymous said...

Telling the electorate the truth about Islam gets the votes.

The BNP will benefit immensely from a similar approach, especially as the Tories in particular are sunk in such deep denial and dhimmitude that they can never crawl out of their pit of appeasement - see 'Political Paralysis in the face of Islamic aggression' at the RoP Index .

Anonymous said...

Great! but the problem is, Pim Fortuyn was also leading but was then assassinated by a government goon. Same thing will happen to Wilders. Not a matter of if but when.

Najistani said...


Should Islam be reclassified from a religion to a contagious mental illness? The idea isn't new, being first put forward by Winston Churchill over a hundred years ago, when he compared Islam to the rabies (hydrophobia) virus.


More recently, Richard Dawkins has developed the idea of fear- and hate-driven religions as memes or mind-viruses:

"The sufferer may find himself behaving intolerantly towards vectors of rival faiths, in extreme cases even killing them or advocating their deaths. He may be similarly violent in his disposition towards apostates (people who once held the faith but have renounced it); or towards heretics (people who espouse a different --- often, perhaps significantly, only very slightly different --- version of the faith). He may also feel hostile towards other modes of thought that are potentially inimical to his faith, such as the method of scientific reason which may function rather like a piece of anti-viral software.

"The threat to kill the distinguished novelist Salman Rushdie is only the latest in a long line of sad examples. On the very day that I wrote this, the Japanese translator of The Satanic Verses was found murdered, a week after a near-fatal attack on the Italian translator of the same book. By the way, the apparently opposite symptom of ``sympathy'' for Muslim ``hurt,'' voiced by the Archbishop of Canterbury and other Christian leaders (verging, in the case of the Vatican, on outright criminal complicity) is, of course, a manifestation of the symptom we discussed earlier: the delusion that faith, however obnoxious its results, has to be respected simply because it is faith. "

Other sites that further develop the analysis of Islam as a meme (or memeplex - a mutually-reinforcing collection of memes) are Religions of Fear and Hate: Memes and Malevolent Mind Viruses and The Terrifying Brilliance of the Islamic Memeplex , both of which are well worth reading.

As well as the rabies-like aggression of Muslims in destroying themselves and others, they show two other symptoms of mental illness - severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and a Psychopathic inability to tell right from wrong.


" Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental disorder most commonly characterized by intrusive, repetitive thoughts resulting in compulsive behaviors and mental acts that the person feels driven to perform, according to rules that must be applied rigidly, aimed at preventing some imagined dreaded event; however, these behaviors or mental acts are not connected to the imagined dreaded event."

We all know about Muslims banging their heads on the floor five times a day, but even when they aren't doing that, their whole life is dominated by trivial and bizarre little rules and rituals, for example Pak and Najis things, Taharat , Wudhu-voodoo and literally hundreds more.


To be a good Muslim is to be a robotic clone of the original founder of the the cult, whom you must emulate in every way, and in the process destroy your own individuality, judgement and conscience.

Muslims are brainwashed from infancy into believing that Mohammed was the perfect man, 'al-insan al-kamil and uswa hasana' the model of behavior for all those wishing to be obedient to Allah. Islam is not about right and wrong thinking but correct behaviour. If one imitates the behaviours of Mohammed, then one is observant and submissive. Morality is not a part of Islam. If there is a more fundamental difference between Islam and all other creeds and religions I do not know of it. It is so alien that the reader will have to consider its implications for some time to grasp the full meaning of it.

For the devout Muslim there is no place for conscience, compassion or empathy, only mobotic behavior patterns programmed by a long-dead psychopath. There is no morality to be had in Islam. There is consequently no Golden Rule ('Do not do to another that which would be hurtful to you') or any other higher ethical principles. There is nothing apart from a huge number of prescribed regulations which must be obsessively and compulsively observed. Hence the lack of originality and creativity in the Muslim world. The Ummah has effectively only one brain for 1.2 billion people and that brain belongs to Mohammed.

The Muslim has no need for a conscience, because Mohammed's example determines what is right or wrong. If he wants to rape a nine year old girl or slaughter a few hundred kuffar then he will not be bothered by a guilty conscience, because the 'perfect man' has set the precedents.

For more on the psychopathic nature of Islam read Invasion of the psychopathic Mobots.


Islam, like rabies, is a virus with no other function than to spread itself causing immense suffering as it does so.

In common with the current epidemics of HIV, TB etc in the UK, it is a product of uncontrolled third-world immigration which could easily have been prevented by suitable policies. Unfortunately it has now become endemic and is slowly infecting the whole Body Politic.

Faith said...

Given that Anjem Choudary has been given the go ahead to march in London to promote sharia in the UK, I am wondering if a counter march is on the cards to keep sharia out of the UK.

Anonymous said...

Geert was banned from Britain but guess what -

"...Hate preacher Anjem Choudary will march in London today calling for Britain to adopt Islamic Sharia law."

Good 'ere, innit?

xoggoth said...

Good news on freedom party.

So true about obsessive compulsive disorder mentioned by last commenter. Read the stuff about what birds they can eat, if it flaps more than soars you can eat it, if it soars more than flaps you can't.

One can appreciate a place for ritual in religion to a certain extent, focusing the mind etc, but Islam goes way beyond that. They can't even wipe their bums without asking an Imam how to do it.

Anonymous said...

Great news for the Dutch and the rest of Europe. Good Luck to Geert and his Freedom party. We nationalists all over Europe will be watching with interest at his every move. politicalMIZZ

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Great news re Choudary - as long as the march gets massive msm coverage. I just love to see this idiot ranting and raving to the muslim nutters on our tv screens.Think of the votes it will bring in for us.

Angharad said...

Only the BNP challenges the EU:-

"Britons are very good at being Roman. They like the baths, the forum and
they think they are becoming Roman whereas in fact these devices enslave
them to Rome."
- Robin Page -

Two vids very much worth watching
and distributing everywhere:-

Anonymous said...

Geert would understand, particularly due to his barring of entering the UK after being invited to speak to Parliament, that Holland like the UK is in very serious trouble. We haven't much left to lose. I honestly think that most people have no idea how serious the stuation is.

Seeing Geert Wilders has made such spectacular inroads into treacherous Dutch politics perhaps the BNP should get from him some advice on his strategies.

I suggest this as this country has very little time to turn things around. This fightback should be a concerted effort by all European peoples unhappy with their leaders sacrificing their sovereignty and constitution to a bunch of criminal con artists.


AbertaweBNP said...

God bless Geert Wilders, he calls a spade a spade and thank the Lord that people like Geert and Nick Griffin speak The TRUTH, if people want to bury their heads in the sand, they can but the time for doing so is running out.

I have watched Fitna it was a very informative well made film that warns people who are not brainwashed, how izlam would treat us in the West if they ever get in power in the UK, if that happens it will be over my dead British body.

Proud to be BNP

Anonymous said...


Burnley Lib-Dhims try to charge the BNP for flyposting, but no-one saw who put them up:

-very suspicious!

Anonymous said...

UKIP self-destructs:

Anonymous said...


Minority groups to get extra Government help to protect them from the recession

"Ethnic minorities could receive extra help during the recession following Government fears they will be hardest hit as the economy deteriorates."

"... spokesman for the TaxPayers' Alliance campaign group said: 'At a time when so many people are feeling the pinch, the Government should be allocating help on the basis of need.
'Lots of people are suffering hard times in the recession. The last thing they need is for the Government to play politics with different ethnic minority and gender groups.
'Instead, it should concentrate on an honest effort to help us all through the recession.'

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) will assess the impact of unemployment on ethnic minorities, women, the disabled and older workers and advise ministers on steps to take."

Anonymous said...

The government hasn't a clue what to do about the Muslim problem

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Off topic GA - but I think you want to read this, and then blog about it.

Do follow and read the links provided

Carlos Echevarria said...

Great site, my first time here.

You guys are on the front line in the War against Islamo Fascism, God bless you all.

Here in South Florida we have rather large, openly pro-Al Qaeda Pakistani community.!!!

Anonymous said...


there are 35 islamic compounds across the USA. 2 of which are in my home state of Georgia, flourishing right under the noses of local rednecks and white american "gun nuts", yet no one is doing sweet FA all about it.

Anonymous said...

It is said the pen is mightier than the sword. This man is a proud European freedom fighter.

Love Europe, Hate the EU!