Friday, 6 March 2009

Help this man help us

Nick Griffin - Help him help us

Can you believe what's happening to our country? Every day we hear or read about another piece of madness taking place, another assault on our culture, faith and nation. It's almost beyond belief.

Just look what happened recently when Dutch MP Geert Wilders tried to show his film warning us of the threat to Europe posed by militant Islam. He was banned from even entering this country! Yet everyday thousands of dangerous fanatics, rapists, murderers and crooks pour into Britain!

Remember when the leader of Hezbollah, one of the world's most deadly Islamic terror groups was "invited" here and fawned over by the Establishment, including 'Red' Ken Livingstone? Sheikh Yosef al Qaradawi, openly states his intention to Islamify the entire world - by force if necessary - yet he is given the red carpet treatment by those who are supposed to protect us.

Compare this to what happened to me when I dared to speak about the dangers of militant Islam. I nearly went to jail… twice. So much for 'equality'. But let me assure you, they'll never shut me up!

But what can we do about it?
Plenty! If the British National Party can win even just one seat in the Euro elections this June, the floodgates of popular support will open and a deluge of new BNP voters and activists will quickly rally to our cause.

We just need that "credibility" factor, and then I truly believe 'Middle England' will awake and join our ranks in their hundreds of thousands, and in a short period of time, in their millions!

People are now realising that we have been right all along.

Just look at the fantastic "BRITISH JOBS FOR BRITISH WORKERS" strikes recently. Three years ago trade unionists would never have turned up on a picket line against foreign workers flying Union Jacks and St. George flags.(All to the horror of the other parties).

There really is something stirring deep within the British people and not before time! You and I both know how bad things are now. I am often told, "Nick, it can't get much worse". Unfortunately it can, and it will!

Our schools have now been turned into 'diversity' brainwashing camps where all manner of perversions, fetishes, and foreign religions are drummed into the minds of our poor children. But one of the biggest threats we face is from the stranglehold imposed on us by the European Parliament.

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To survive we need to be free of the EU
That's why we need to win a seat this year. The BNP are the only true anti-EU party who genuinely want to see the whole rotten, corrupt Euro edifice torn down. We will tear it down brick by brick given a chance!

Another massive threat, but one nobody likes to talk about, is the enormous growth of Islam in Britain, and indeed in most Western European countries. Right now in 2009, the Muslim population is out-breeding the indigenous population of England and Wales at the incredible rate of 10-1!

There are towns where there is still a British majority but the primary schools are 70%-95% Muslim. You don't have to be a demographic expert to realise what will happen within just one generation (15 - 20 years). Without a strong British National Party, all will be lost!

Many 'British' towns will, in fact, soon have massive Muslim majorities. This will happen right across huge swathes of England, central Scotland and urban parts of Wales. Only Northern Ireland may escape full scale Islamification in the next 10 years.

That's why the Euro Election on 4th June is so important
I'm not just talking about fighting to win an election; I am talking about fighting to preserve the very future of our country and our people. By far the biggest threat to us all right now is the white, liberal elite; it is they who are handing our country on a plate to the enemies within.

The P.C brigade and the champagne socialists like Brown, Livingstone, and the trendy left, seem determined to destroy our country. Even Cameron and his cronies have become so P.C. it's hard to distinguish one party of traitors from the next.

Did you hear a murmur from any of them when the Church of England recently banned BNP members from becoming clergy, or when another Labour council banned St. George's Day celebrations? The British people now realise that unless you are a FAT CAT banker, you're on your own!

That's why I am urging you to get behind the party right now. We need to let the British people see that the British National Party is ready to defend and protect this nation and our people from tyranny, oppression and extinction. It's up to us to stand firm, nobody else will.

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We are a party of the people, for the people, by the people
To do this we need to significantly raise our game on all fronts. You know that since last year we have come to you for the necessary finance to pay for our new professional mailing and printing equipment. You also helped us pay for the 'Truth Truck', The 'Racism Cuts Both Ways Campaign' and more recently, the highly effective 'People's Defence Fund'.

Right now I want to tell you that all of these measures have put us on a higher level. We are infinitely more professional than we were just one year ago, all because you, and solid patriots like you, had the courage to back these projects and that means a lot to me …… thank you.

Now I must ask you to help me again
Here is our problem: due to the huge leap forward that the party has made in the last 12 months, we are genuinely struggling to cope with our success! Not a bad problem, but a real problem nonetheless. Let me explain…

In the 2004 Euro campaign, we narrowly missed winning a seat. We sent out 15 million leaflets and had a 'kitchen table' telephone operation. Looking back, the leaflets were amateurish and our telephone system struggled desperately to cope. Even so, we managed to deal with 12,000 new enquiries, but because of our lack of professional infrastructure, we did not use those enquiries to their full potential, and that really stunted our growth.

We really missed a great opportunity to build the party up back then. This must not be allowed to happen again.

Since January last year we have spent your money wisely. We have bought state of the art mailroom equipment and we have invested heavily in staff and management training. We are now firing on all cylinders but there are two more major pieces of the jigsaw missing… A telecommunications system that can handle our needs and a central administration office to deal with the current huge increase in enquiries, party membership and organisational growth.

Over the next six months we will be distributing over 30 million leaflets across the UK. These have been professionally designed by campaign/marketing experts and will bring in tens of thousands of enquiries from people desperately looking for an alternative to the old parties.

Our TV broadcasts are also going to be the best yet, and again, these will lead to a flood of enquiries from the public. Realistic estimates by professional advisors reckon that our staff will have to deal with between. 40,000 - 75,000 fresh enquiries and membership applications. As well as having to deal with our current members' needs.

This cannot be done unless we invest NOW in the party's administration infrastructure
It's frightening, but I am sure you can see that, if we do this right, we will become a force to be reckoned with virtually overnight. So how can we deal efficiently with the party's best ever opportunity for growth? Two words: professionalisation and centralisation.

Late last year I secretly commissioned industry experts to provide a solution to the problems caused by our unprecedented growth. I now know the solutions, but I need your help to implement them.

The party urgently needs a dedicated professional call centre to handle the tens of thousands of calls we will receive this year. We also need to set up a party campaign and admin HQ where everything can be dealt with in a professional manner. Remember, we're entering the big league now!

I'm very aware that it is about time our members had really professional systems in place to deal with membership queries, general enquiries, publication orders, donations and all the other things one would expect from a successful and growing, modern party. Now is the time to get it RIGHT!

Top of the range equipment to help us win the fight
I have enclosed a brochure for you on the telecommunications systems we need, including the hardware and the programmes needed. It's terribly complex, but it's the best money can buy. Neither the Labour Party nor the Tories have anything approaching this level of sophistication, but then again, they are shrinking and we're booming.

Our problem is like this: a Jaguar may look good but if it has a Mini engine it won't go faster than 50 m.p.h., and that's exactly what we face right now. However, this telephone system and a central admin office will give the party the engine we need to drive forward to new heights of success.

Without this urgent investment our efforts could all be in vain.

As you know, we can't rely on hiring from outside sources as they may be bullied into pulling the plug, so we have no other alternative but to buy the systems and to do the job ourselves, then nobody can interfere with our 'Rapid Expansion Plan'. We dare not leave this to chance.

Here's what we urgently need:

A central administrative party HQ to co-ordinate all party mail and telephone calls, including membership renewals, enquiries, subscriptions and donations. We will also be able to offer a far more efficient service to our regions and local groups as well as co-ordinating the election campaign centrally for the maximum impact. Cost…£35,000

An 18 line, state of the art, HI-PATH telecommunications system with headsets, analysis software, computers, programming and staff training, together with ulta-fast ADSL digital links to key home workers throughout the country. This will greatly enhance the smooth running of the party and enable us to deal with the 30,000 - 50,000 incoming telephone enquiries alone that we will receive during the election campaign. Cost…£28,650

To design, install and link-up a 21st century central database platform to cope with the unprecedented growth, and training key staff throughout the UK to operate the system. This will centralise all party functions and make us infinitely more efficient and even better value for money. Cost…£21,500

These measures are not luxuries, they are vital to the party's future!

In total, I need to raise £85,150 or we will have a meltdown!

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Yes, it's a lot of money, especially in these hard times, but I hope you truly appreciate the magnitude of what is happening right now. The credit crunch is becoming a tremendous political bonus for us. People who were drunk with consumerism are now waking up with sore heads and they want: Answers!

Millions of fellow Britons now see what state their country is in. They are realising in their thousands that the British National Party is the only party worth voting for right now. Already, we can barely cope with the new enquiries coming in.

Confidentially: at our current rate of growth we could well see our database increase 400% in the next 6 months! At present we could not begin to cope with this increase we're beginning to creak under the strain.

That's why your financial help is needed right now
To get our central administration / campaign office and the equipment we so desperately need installed before we collapse under the strain; I need to put the orders in next week!! I need to know if I can rely on you to help me make this happen.

The party staff are battling heroically to cope and nobody wants to complain, but I see the state of exhaustion some of our people are suffering from, and we're not even scratching the surface yet.

We have all worked towards this goal for years; this party is now going 'mainstream'!

Well, it's happening right now and we cannot cope! It's that simple. For the sake of our nation and our children, we must pull out all the stops to make sure we do not let this long-awaited opportunity pass us by. I'm sorry to be crude but the bottom line is.. money!

If we can raise the £85,150 needed quickly, the sky's the limit for this party. If we don't, we will be stuck where we are forever, that's if we don't break under the strain. An opportunity like this won't come again for a generation, if ever!

My dear friend and fellow nationalist, this is IT! Everything we have ever worked for, everything we have ever secretly yearned for is within our grasp. All we have to do is to reach out in faith and give everything we can to make our hopes and dreams a reality.

Surely we owe our country and our children this much?
You know what's at stake, I have told you of our needs and how urgent they are. I can do no more. I can only implore you to give as generously as you can. It really is, NOW OR NEVER!

I know that you might have to sacrifice to give generously to this cause, but think of it like this: your donation will be buying the tools we need to defend our island race from the madmen who want to destroy every last vestige of our 'Britishness'.

Your money can stop them dead in their tracks by building a strong and successful BNP. This year is the make or break year for us. I need you to help me make it the year we enter the big league. Without your financial help, I cannot do it …… it's that simple.

I have never let you down and don't intend to start now, but I can only take this party to political success with your support. I know times are difficult, but if you don't help me.. Who will?

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Can I put the order in this week?
Only you can decide this. I am hoping that once again, you will not let our noble cause down. I believe you are a true patriot and that you will do the right thing by making that extra special effort to ensure that we, as a party, have the equipment we so desperately need to do the job!

Over the years the media and their political friends have sneered at this party. As individuals, we've all suffered in one way or another. Even the 'inclusive' C of E now discriminates against our clergy. Now we have the opportunity to wipe the smug grin off their faces. They are running scared, they study the opinion polls and now realise how popular we're becoming.

But it will come to nothing if we can't get the central admin office and the technical systems in place right away. I am deadly serious. We simply cannot cope!

I need you to go the extra mile to make sure this party realises its full potential. The enemies of this country have ridiculed and bullied us for years, they've even laughed at us. You can change this by giving everything you can to the party's 'Rapid Expansion Plan'. When we are fully up and running, let's see who's laughing then. I guarantee it won't be them!

To make all of this work I am depending on you to dig deep and make the biggest sacrifice you can. I am counting on a few large special gifts but I am also depending on a multiple of gifts of £25, £35, £50, £100 and £200. Please send whatever you can straight away.

Remember, we only have a limited time to get everything together to make the party's 'Rapid Expansion Plan' a success.

Please send your most generous gift in the next 7 days. It is really crucial to set the wheels in motion immediately.

Thank you so much for your help.

Nick Griffin

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party


Patrioz said...

Just made my "small donation" just wish i could have given more.

If this pans out the way Nick hopes it could mean real hope for our people and a light at the end of the tunnel, if thats not worth the cost of a few pints I dont know what is!

Anonymous said...

Your right Patrioz our country is worth way more than a few pints.

It's time people got it into their heads that too much booze and the fags dont do much for mind or body and only put tax billions into the the hands of the motley crew we want to be rid of.

Take a pledge and quit the fags, go cold turkey and in three weeks the hard bit is over, and at an average of a fiver a pack thats at least £35 a week, £140 a month saved, not to mention the gain in health benefit.

Now if every BNP supporting smoker quit and put £15 a week, or £30 a month to the BNP we'd be able to put out much more information to the general public and expand the whole BNP operation at breakneck speed.

Ok, so some readers are wondering, "where did the booze go?" simply cut back on that and keep your head clear for the vision of a BNP future.

I quit fags and booze 18+ years ago, best thing I ever did, apart from joining the BNP.
I do have the odd pint or nice glass of red now and then but they are few and far between. I'd rather go off round the woods and walks with the dog than listen to some of the gibbering piss artists at the pub. Ever watch the smokers outside a pub when they have had a few?

So keep knackering your mind and body or help the BNP to help us and our country.


Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Personally, over the last few months I have been giving all I can and the pips are squeeking. When this latest request came in I thought no, I have done my bit for now but then I realised that I have done nothing compared to the activists who are in the front line, not to mention the men who gave all to preserve their country in the past.My contribution is simple. All I can give to the cause is whatever I can spare financially. I have never given to any other party in the past but this cause is a matter of survival now, a matter of our countries future. We must give all we can. There are no fat cats supporting us, hoping to gain something in return. Its down to us. The future of our country, our children and grandchildrens future depend on us. If money makes the all important difference then we cannot afford not to give. And give till the pips not only squeek, but burst. I'll dig deep again and hope that Nick gets what he so richly deserves, a seat among the shysters and crooks of the EU where he can keep us informed of the corruption, first hand.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Just tried to send a donation and after filling in all the details I got "complete your email address" My email address was already filled in correctly but after four attempts I just gave up. Will find another way but how many times has this happened to others? A bit off putting.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Exactly the same on the BNP website. Frustrating.

Anonymous said...

Nick is right to be concerned about the Islamification of Britain, Nick is our Geert Wilders. The rest of the "Politicians" are to scared to question Islam, in fact they positively encourage it, even though the know full well it is NOT compatible with the west.
I will definately be voting for the BNP at the Euro Elections and so should everyone else if they want to get their country back. politicalMIZZ

Anonymous said...

They are going to destroy our country:

Read Arthur Kemp's 'The Lie of Apatheid' to see what will happen.

Anonymous said...

ps when I say 'they are destroying our country' I mean the main 3 parties (lib/lab/con) - the BNP are the only party who can and will save us.

Anonymous said...

Having a problem donating online?
then phone the donations hotline and give what you can and get them told to sort out the online donations pronto.

Go on do it now, even a Fiver makes a difference. BNP is better bet than wasting your cash on the lottery. 14 million to one odds to hit the jackpot! Would you back a horse with that odds?

National Lottery, Taxation made simple for Dhimmis.


AbertaweBNP said...

Morning, I made a tenner donation last week, to the donation helpline.

Proud to be BNP